Customers Are Awesome

Customer success never ends. Stellar Cyber takes a journey approach to support, enablement and each customer's success!

Stages of a lifetime relationship:

The journey begins when the order is signed. Ongoing training, healthchecks, upgrades: customer success never ends. We love helping our customers. We can only be successful if our customers are successful.

“Stellar Cyber understands the difference between support and enablement. We feel we have a product that goes beyond the software thanks to their philosophy”

Stellar Cyber assists and guides our customers throughout their journey.

Got a question, need to know about new features, have a support request? Our portal ensures customers get answers and resolutions.

Want self help? When we do get questions, we believe others may have the same question. We document the questions and answers in our ever growing FAQ. It’s available in the Support Portal.

Customer Success

Customer Success Platform

Stellar Cyber has Partnered with Gainsight, the leading Customer Success Platform, and the inventors of the Customer Success movement. Stellar Cyber uses Gainsight to ensure we never lose touch with our customers, their needs, and priorities. Gainsight is a single interface for our Customer Success teams where all support requests, feature requests, growth needs, etc.. are managed with built-in alerts and dashboards so we never lose sight of our customers in the complex set of siloed tools.

Customer Success Manager

Introduced from the start and there for the entire customer journey. Our Customer Success Manager is there to ensure customer needs are kept and use of the product is maintained as the customer grows and features are added that are beneficial to the customer.


As a new customer, the enablement team works directly with the customer to optimize the deployment,perform knowledge transfer, ensure the platform is used effectively and efficiently, and get the most value from the Stellar Cyber Open-XDR Platform. Our enablement team also reviews the configuration of customer specific use cases and best practices, helps verify a security coverage strategy, assists with workflow development, helps establish monitoring and reporting, provides product training, and helps determine the optimal configuration for the deployment.Once the initial enablement is complete, our Customer Success team takes the reins and continues as needed through the lifetime journey of the customer with Stellar Cyber.


The success of a Stellar Cyber customer also depends on how knowledgeable the staff using Stellar Cyber can be. We’ve removed all barriers from getting a Stellar Cyber education. In the Stellar Cyber Academy, courses are available for all customers on-demand, and through regularly scheduled online Instructor-led courses. Learners can take the Stellar Cyber Open XDR 101 and Stellar Cyber for SOC Analyst certification courses online on-demand and register for instructor-led courses at: The training team has also enabled navigation, closed captioning and content.

World-class Documentation

Learn on-demand, with courses to fit your needs, any time of day.

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