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Company Quick Facts

Check out this overview on What We Do, How We Do It, Why Customers Need Stellar Cyber, and Stellar Cyber's narrative.


Learn more about Stellar Cyber with our 1-minute
overview video or Analyst Comments reports.

1-minute Overview Video

Learn how Stellar Cyber and Open-XDR can
reduce costs and improve security operations

ESG Open XDR infographic

Examining Potential Options for
Threat Management Platforms
Reveals Need for Open XDR

On the Radar

Stellar Cyber leads in XDR with built-in
traffic analysis, SIEM, and automated

Key Data Sheets

Open XDR Security Platform

High-speed high-fidelity threat
detection across the entire attack

Open XDR Appliances

Turn-key appliances for SOC
teams and security analysts.

Sensors Datasheet

Stellar Cyber’s Sensors – See the
Whole Picture with 360 Degree


Interflow™ – Designed to build actionable records with rich context for any set of related security events.

Improve SECOPS Confidence

Stellar Cyber effectively pieces
together complex attacks across
the entire IT infrastructure.

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