Reducing Risk – and Risk Insurance Costs – with Open XDR

Most midsized and large organizations have cybersecurity risk insurance, but they must meet a host of exacting requirements to obtain it.

Premiums are based on the level of cybersecurity protection a company has, and premiums are rising across the board in the face of increased attack volume and complexity.

Just as having an alarm or vehicle tracking system helps lower insurance premiums on a car, having the most comprehensive and sophisticated cybersecurity system keeps cybersecurity risk insurance premiums lower for enterprises. That’s where Open XDR comes in: it knits together telemetry from all existing security tools (and its own sensors) to deliver the most comprehensive attack detection and prevention in the industry.

Cybersecurity risk insurance is a must-have for companies competing in today’s world, and as attacks increase, premiums will rise. But with Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform, you can minimize risk and risk insurance premiums by deploying the most comprehensive security defenses on the market.

What People Are Saying

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform reduces risk and risk insurance premiums in six ways:

SOC platform

360-degree view of attacks across

It ingests data from existing security tools and its own sensors to deliver a 360-degree view of attacks across the entire security infrastructure.

Network detection and response

Automated Correlates Alerts

It automatically correlates alerts from multiple tools to reveal multi-vector attacks ensuring key insights are not missed by humans trying to stitch the data together manually.

NDR platform

Prioritized contextual incidents

It up-levels related alerts into prioritized, contextual incidents that tell analysts where and how attacks are progressing.

cloud detection and response

8X faster breach detections

It delivers 8X faster breach detections so analysts can spot problems quickly.

SIEM replacement

20X faster breach responses

It provides 20X faster breach responses to stop attacks before they can do major damage.

SIEM platform

Forensics and reporting

It offers complete forensics and reporting so companies can prove their defenses to insurers.