Compliance and reporting

Stellar Cyber’s security operations platform delivers built in tools and detections, and that also includes helping you easily issue reports for white glove consulting services or turn key compliance reporting. To help your team scale, the platform includes canned – ‘out of the box’ reports for HIPAA and PCI

Because the platform is architected with multi-tiered multi-tenancy from the group up, by design each customer you assign, is now isolated with role based access, meaning specific and highly secure administration controls can be enabled to ensure you have up to 3 levels of hierarchy. This role-based control helps you prove and demonstrate segmentation / isolation. For your own audits.

Reports can be customized to ensure you bring value to your clients. Even with turn key compliance reports, you have the ability to customize reports and build your own framework for highlighting the work your security analysts performed. Packaging the value your team brought to a customer is what the platform was meant to do.

Reports can be white labeled to highlight your company’s name – ensuring the brand you lead with is highlighted.

- Video on reporting

Starlight’s GUI / Dashboard is aligned with the killchain improving analyst productivity.

Interflow™ Datasheet

Interflow™ – Designed to build actionable records
with rich context for any set of related security events.
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Our Testimonials

“We needed a cutting-edge solution for our team to better protect EBSCO’s very diverse portfolio of businesses globally. The Starlight platform brings together… More >>

– John Graham, Global CISO, EBSCO

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PCI dashboard

Next Gen SIEM

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CIS Compliance

Open XDR

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HIPAA dashboard

SIEM application

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