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With your organization more distributed and working remotely, you might be facing new challenges.
Stellar Cyber wants to help, and make it easy for you. We believe so strongly we will exceed your expectations
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Cybersecurity Open XDR Risk Assessment Deployment Options

Integration needed Time needed Assessment Visibility
Microsoft365 or G-Suite Firewall logs holistic packet, log, host, application and user
Connect to Microsoft365 or G-Suite Less than 5 minutes once your authentication token is in place check
Firewall configuration change Less than 30 minutes to update firewalls configuration check Watch Video
Install Stellar Cyber Photon Sensor to span port
Less than 4 hours to find the right span port and connect the sensor check check

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Stellar Cyber's Reporting Capability

Dashboard is aligned with the XDR Kill Chain™ improving analyst productivity
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Open XDR Security Platform

Open XDR delivers the key benefits
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to detect breaches…

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