Gain 360 degree visibility of all your assets and their risks through constant discovery from all data sources

Why Asset Management?

  • Make sure all assets are patched properly as your infrastructure is as secure as your weakest asset
  • Make sure all assets have the right security tools installed to protect them
  • Quickly identify any unauthorized assets in your infrastructure
  • Quickly identify and locate all assets potentially affected by a newly discovered vulnerability or attacks
  • Easily spot the risky assets in your infrastructure
  • Easily investigate the threats around an affected asset

Stellar Cyber's Asset Management Advantages

Automatic asset discovery

Automatic asset discovery

Automatically and constantly discover all assets in your IT infrastructure across all data sources, network traffic, logs, endpoints, cloud, CMDB, etc

Comprehensive inventory of assets

Comprehensive inventory of assets

Comprehensive inventory of assets for quick security analysis and incident response

Easy asset management

Easy asset management

Identify, authorize, prioritize and group assets easily

Centralized view of asset risks

Centralized view of asset risks

Provides a centralized risk-level view of all discovered assets

Kill chain view

Kill chain view

Provides a kill chain view of security events for each asset

Panoramic view of lateral movement

Offers a panoramic view of lateral movement of attacks among assets across security infrastructure

- Entity Behavior Analytics (EBA) Application

Complimentary OMDIA Report

Stellar Cyber offers XDR with built-in network traffic analysis, SIEM, and automated response Download Report

Our Testimonials

“We needed a cutting-edge solution for our team to better protect EBSCO’s very diverse portfolio of affiliates and divisions globally… More >>

– John Graham, Global CISO, EBSCO

Only Stellar Cyber

Security software asset management

Asset Risk Prioritization

Each asset is assigned a risk score based on its security events, vulnerability, priority, group, etc for security analysts to easily focus on the assets with higher risk scores

Security software

Unique Asset Identifier

Assets are identified with either host names and MAC addresses when these information is available as IP addresses are dynamic, and correlated with user, threat, location and vulnerability data to create context

asset management

Security Analysis Simplification

Each security event is automatically tagged with its asset as part of auto-correlation to simplify the security analysis