Stellar Cyber's Open XDR supercharges analyst productivity over 20x

Threat-Hunting Library - Over 30 Apps

  • Leverage a large number of pre-built threat hunting apps without requiring any prior knowledge
  • Point-and-click threat searches through the library
  • Narrow searches of security infrastructure easily with point-and-click filtering
  • Extend the library through cloning or customization of pre-built apps
  • Build your own apps for specific environments and specific needs
  • Leverage Interflow™ records to search threats at endpoints, in the network or the cloud delivering anywhere detection and response (XDR)

Improve Productivity with Automation

  • Automatically hunt threats by leveraging the library of apps
  • Automatically hunt threats by querying any field in Interflow records
  • Many actionscan be taken automatically as a result of the threat found
  • Resolve threats in minutes versus hours without writing queries
  • Enable less-skilled security analysts so they can effectively track down threats
Open XDR Security Platform

Reveal Hidden Attacks On Premises, Edge and Cloud
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“The ability to monitor all our clients individually, with machine learning on their own data set, but also view and manage all clients and their alerts collectively… More >>

– Joe Morin, CEO, Cyflare

- Automated Threat Hunting Application 3-minute overview

Key Features

Broaden your talent pool

Broaden your talent pool

Stellar Cyber’s Automated Threat-Hunting (ATH) App Library eliminates an analyst’s need to use custom queries in order to search for cyber threats. The library and its collection of threat-hunting apps (and automated execution of them) opens the door for less-skilled security analysts to automatically hunt for threats at endpoints, in the network, or in the cloud, with a few mouse clicks.

Reduce resolution time from months to hours

Reduce resolution time from months to hours

As cyber threats multiply, companies face a shortage of highly skilled security analysts who can write complex queries to track down threats. Even these analysts can spend hours querying network logs to begin searching for threats. In contrast, Stellar Cyber’s anywhere detection and response (XDR) platform delivers a Threat-Hunting App Library that includes a growing, pre-built apps (currently at 30) of threat-hunting techniques for Windows login failures, DNS analysis, Office365 and many other threat vectors, so even less-skilled security analysts can leverage automation to effectively track down threats in security infrastructure by picking the right app in minutes rather than hours.