See the whole picture and respond automatically. Monitor endpoints, applications, cloud, virtual assets, containers

Supercharge Analyst Productivity While Slashing Response Times

Featuring the industry’s only Security App Store, Stellar Cyber ensures that you collect the right data, detect anomalies, investigate the causes, and automatically respond to threats as no other solution can. Stellar Cyber’s software reduces alert fatigue by correlating anomalies across physical, virtual, container and cloud environments, enabling threat hunters to focus on real attacks and respond in seconds.

Security is About Applications, Not Tools

Leverage a new way of thinking about security detection and response. Go beyond automation – with Stellar Cyber’s Starlight — the first open detection and response (Open-XDR) platform. Empower your security analysts with a Security App Store offering 18 tightly-integrated applications on one customizable workbench to deliver faster and more accurate data.

Choose what you need without additional cost in an open ecosystem that leverages existing firewall and endpoint infrastructure. Natively integrate network, endpoint and cloud security data to detect, respond and stop sophisticated attacks. 

Starlight’s GUI follows the whole kill chain, ensuring analysts get up to speed quickly. It’s days versus months of training.

Stellar Cyber Presents Better Data for Better Analysis

Starlight delivers the broadest security data collection engine – physical, virtual, container, cloud – to ensure you see the whole picture. Starlight’s data processing pipeline curates all security data to weed out unimportant events. Stellar Cyber’s patented Interflow™ streamlines anomaly detection and investigation by creating context among events. Additionally, Interflow normalizes security data shared between integrated applications and third-party applications, driving single-pane-of-glass visibility and control across security toolsets.

Business Benefits

  • Automatically uncover cyberattacks — expose and prioritize endpoint, network, user threats and compliance violations with actionable data.
  • Satisfy business requirements — extensible reporting with unlimited data and visualization possibilities.
  • Stop alert fatigue and attrition — validate security alerts in minutes, improving analyst productivity and morale by reducing the backlog.
  • Reduce business impact and risk through reduced mean time to identify (MTTI) and mean time to contain (MTTC) — combine precise attack detection with rapid alert triage to drastically cut dwell time without requiring years of experience.
  • Increase ROI from current investments — solve all your security needs through tightly-integrated applications while using existing infrastructure as sources and enforcement points.

Operational Benefits

  • See the whole picture—achieve visibility across physical, virtual, container and cloud data.
  • Increase SOC productivity — streamline operational processes to a single console by consolidating alert triage, detection and response across your on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Stellar Cyber’s Interflow™ streamlines anomaly detection and investigation by creating context among events.
  • Eliminate the alert backlog by simplifying investigations with automated root cause analysis and timeline views, lowering the skill required to evaluate and analyze alerts.
  • Improve accuracy over time — apply knowledge from every investigation to refine detection rules and speed future analysis, continually decreasing noise and risk.
  • Gain insights into advanced threats —uncover malicious insiders, policy violations, external threats, ransomware, file-less and memory-only attacks and advanced zero-day malware.