Stellar Cyber For Virtualized Environments

Virtual environments have become the new norm for deploying servers, however the challenge of security visibility in this environment still exists.  Deploying too many security tools in a virtual environment will consume too much resource and sending every single packet out to external security tools will have I/O and CPU utilization issues.  Because of these problems, organizations are constantly challenged with how to scale breach detection across virtual infrastructures offered by VMWare, KVM and HyperV.

Stellar Cyber’s Starlight solution solves these problems.  By deploying a single data collector off of the mirror port of a virtual switch, within the environment, packets will be collected and converted to metadata in real time.  The conversion of packets to metadata results in a 100 to 1 savings network bandwidth and improves performance by sending a reduced, yet complete amount of data to a centralized, yet distributed, data processor, security analyzer and machine learning engine.


  • Deployment in VMWare, KVM and HyperV environments
  • Discovery of over 3,000 applications
  • Converts raw packets to application aware metadata
  • Deployment integration with virtual environment orchestration tools
  • Lightweight application that consumes less than 5% of the environments total resources