Higher Education

Protect the leaders of tomorrow by securing
your environment today

Don't let a ransomware attack bring
your university to a grinding halt

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform delivers these capabilities under a single license for a single price

With environments that are dispersed and accessed at all hours of the day by students, colleges and universities are prime targets for attackers. Unfortunately most security teams at these institutions are strapped for resources making delivering continuous protection challenging.

Higher Education security teams need a security platform that does the heavy lifting by automating manually intensive tasks while simultaneously detecting critical threats. A platform allows them to use their cybersecurity skills as effectively as possible.

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform helps the higher education security team by automatically turning their security alerts and system data into correlated and prioritized security incidents ready for investigation.

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform delivers these capabilities under a single license for a single price


Normalized data for fast querying with built-in UEBA

Network Detection

Identify network threats in real-time

SIEM security

Malware Analysis

Integrated Sandbox for rapid file analysis


Consistently respond to threats using pre-defined playbooks

Intrusion Detection

Uncover attackers within your environment

Threat Intel

10+ sources of threat intelligence to automatically enrich alerts

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What People Are Saying

Key Features

Automated SOC

Comprehensive Data Collection

  • Hundreds of integrations available
  • Security, IT, and productivity products
  • Data normalized automatically
Network detection and response tools

Automated Threat Detection

  • AI/ML driven threat detection with no human intervention
  • Correlates dozens of alerts into incidents automatically
  • No more single alert investigations
SOAR alternatives

Built-In Response Routines

  • Rich response playbooks automatically executed
  • Threat hunt for unseen threats fast.
  • Harden infrastructure against future threats.

Simplifying Security Operations

With Stellar Cyber, you can

automated threat hunting

Stop Chasing

  • Investigate incidents, not alerts
  • See significant efficiency gains
siem tools

Improve Security

  • Find hidden threats early
  • Eliminate constant firefighting
SIEM replacement

Save Time and

  • Optimize security stack
  • Improve team productivity