Ensure a cyberattack does not impact
your Production Line

Downtime on the plant floor, even just a few hours, can
mean the difference between hitting your production
goals or missing them, resulting in a significant impact on
the business.

Ensure a cyberattack does not impact your Production Line

Unfortunately, many manufacturing companies find it challenging to obtain the required budget and resources to protect themselves from a chief cause of downtime, a successful cyberattack. The result is that you are rolling the dice daily, hoping your company will not be the target of an attacker. But like in the casino, your luck will eventually run out.
The good news is that now there is a better, more effective, and efficient way to protect the business that doesn’t rely on hope.

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform helps your existing security team by automatically identifying and responding to cyber threats in real-time, giving you the best chance of hitting your production goals.
With deployment possible in just an hour, your team could reduce the risk of a successful cyberattack before the second shift starts today!


Fulfill empty promises of legacy SIEMs.
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Network Detection

Simplify attack detection and react quickly
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Malware Analysis

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Unified, simplified, automated security operations platform.
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Intrusion Detection

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Threat Intel

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Key Features

Automated SOC

Comprehensive Data Collection

  • Any Security product, any IT system
  • Any Productivity tool
  • All data normalized for fast analysis and querying
Network detection and response tools

Automated Threat Detection

  • Security alerts inform threat detection, eliminating false positive problems.
  • Uses the most advanced threat detection approaches available (AI/ML, Graph, Rules, Etc.)
  • All automated, no user help required.
  • Your days of chasing every single alert are over.
SOAR alternatives

Built-In Response Routines

  • Build out rich response playbooks that can trigger as soon as a threat is identified
  • Hunt and kill threats before they begin.
  • Harden infrastructure against future threats.

How about Stellar Cyber integrates with existing investments and
simplifies security operations

With Stellar Cyber, you can

automated threat hunting

Stop Chasing Alerts

  • Investigate security incidents that are a high probability of being impactful
  • This alone will drive substantial efficiency gains
siem tools

Improve Security Outcomes

  • Find threats missed by other security products
  • Avoid all the firefighting you are doing now

Save Time and Money

  • Dump redundant security controls
  • Optimize security team assignments
  • Do more with the same team