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September 17th @10 am PST

As hackers adapt their technology to the times, the common person must advance their defense too. The rampant spread of cybercrime in today’s world calls for something new and innovative for network security. Stellar Cyber delivers a software called Starlight Data Driven Cyber Security by using Distributed Security Intelligence™, empowering organizations to proactively detect and thwart attacks on their critical data systems before any damage can be done. Instead of overwhelming security teams and countless false alarms, we intelligently use multiple Machine Learning techniques to cut through the noise. We deliver high-fidelity alerts that enable fast, effective responses, reducing detection and response time from months to minutes. That’s a 100 to 1 reduction rate. With Stellar Cyber, it’s like having a relentless virtual security assistant on your team. Cyber criminals today are only getting smarter and their success of major data theft has been blown up by the recent news coverage. Do not be their next victim. Come see how hackers are getting into your system and discover what kind of damage they can truly cause. Join us September 17th @10 am PST for an info webinar. Let us show you how we can help you detect breaches before they become fatal and save your priceless data, all at an aggressive price point so you don’t have to pay the most for the best. The first 100 attendees to the info webinar will get a book from cyberwar expert and industry renowned Richard Stiennon plus be put into a raffle for $1,000. Sign up today!

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