What Stellar Cyber Delivers To Lean Security Teams


Unified, simplified, automated
security operations platform


Fulfill empty promises of
legacy SIEMs


Simplify attack detection
and react quickly

Universal EDR

Immediately turn your existing EDR into XDR

Stellar Cyber unifies currently disjointed security tools and data sources
to fully visualize, correlate through AI, and automatically
detect, investigate and respond to all attack activities.

Protect The Entire Attack Surface

Out of the box, auto correlating detections. A growing list of hundreds of integrations.

security solutions


Improve MTTD by >8x and MTTR
by >20x.
Let your people do what they do best, let automation and AI do the rest.

internet security

Reduce Costs
& Simplify Ops

Zero dependencies – deploy anywhere, keep all your investments. One license for multiple capabilities NG-SIEM, NDR, TIP and more

Under the Hood

Open Integrations For
All Of Your Tools

Stream logs and connect to APIs to get full visibility. Automate response through integrations to close the loop. Stellar Cyber’s open architecture makes it interoperable at any enterprise.

Firewall Traffic Analysis

Normalized, Enriched Data

Different security tools weren’t designed to work together. Stellar Cyber creates Interflow, a normalized, enriched data model, from all data sources to empower humans and AI.

AI That Delivers

AI that works out of the box. Detections generate based off raw Interflow, for the highest fidelity Alerts. Alerts correlate together into Incidents automatically, so you can see the full picture.

SIEM security
IT Security

Native NDR Built In

Dedicated Network and Security sensors that can be deployed in hardware or as software. Collected network telemetry or logs from existing NGFW feed the AI Engine for a complete NDR offering

Deploy Anywhere, Anyhow

Deploy on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid model. Platform is fully operational in days, not months. Multi-tenant, multi-tier and multi-site built from the start.

SIEM tools

Sound too good to be true? See it yourself!


"Stellar Cyber is the most comprehensive solution on the market today to look across multiple different data sources."

Ryan Loy, CIO, EBSCO
University of Zurich

"Stellar Cyber reduced our analysis expenses and enabled us to kill threats far more quickly"

Central IT Department, University of Zurich

"Stellar Cyber is the most complete XDR platform for MSSPs in terms of breadth. It’s a SOC-in-a-box."

Joe Morin, CEO, CyFlare
Solution Granted

"Stellar Cyber positions the right data at the right place for analysts to be productive."

Michael Crean, CEO Solutions Granted