Deploy your platform and data anywhere

Cloud native and designed to be deployed anywhere from the beginning, Stellar Cyber can meet any mission requirements. Multi-tier, multi-tenant and multi-site functionality built-in. Don't let a solution dictate your security data strategy, adopt a solution that supports your strategy.

SIEM security

Multi-Tier, Multi-Tenant, Multi-Site


Separate platform components and access to best serve your customers and users. Stellar Cyber’s multi-tier architecture allows efficient resource sharing so the platform scales with your operational demands. Integrations and Sensors can be deployed distributed from the Data Lake to fulfill any architecture. Granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) lets you provision users to only see what they need.

IT Security


Allow your customers’ or business units’ data to coexist in Stellar Cyber with Multi-Tenancy. Perfect for MSSPs looking to grow or complex enterprises needing control over how security is deployed. Create dedicated operational views for tenants, deploy specific Threat Hunting alerts by tenant, access everything from the same UI with granular RBAC, and scale with efficient resource sharing.

SIEM tools


Keep data physically resident in a specific site or region to prevent sensitive data moving across borders. Aggregate statistics are centralized to maintain full visibility from a single UI while maintaining compliance with regulations like GDPR. Ideal for MSSPs growing in highly-regulated environments or complex enterprises needing flexibility. The Multi-Site feature comes at no additional cost and is under the same single license.

cloud security


Network security

On Premises

Deploy on-premises with the infrastructure you already own or Stellar Cyber appliances. Cluster resources to meet operational demands with the same cloud-native technology.

automated soc


Leverage any public cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) – to deploy Stellar Cyber

automated threat hunting application


Mix any combination of on premise and cloud to achieve the most optimal architecture for your security operations.

Deployment Models

Stellar Cyber offers multiple deployment models for how its two
main architectural components, 1) Sensors and 2) Data Lake (which hosts the UI
and cloud-based Integrations ), are configured.

cloud detection and response


The Network Sensor, Security Sensor and the Data Lake are all installed on a single physical machine. This turn-key solution for an all-in-one deployment model is designed for fast and easy installation.

cloud security


The Data Lake and Sensors are installed separately. The Data Lake is installed in a central location like private data center or in a public cloud while Sensors are distributed across environments. In this model, the Data Lake can be deployed in multiple physical or virtual machines to form a cluster.



The Data Lake is usually deployed by an MSSP in its private data center or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) protected by its firewall. In order to provide managed services to their customers, Sensors are deployed to customer networks and endpoints behind their firewalls and connect to the MSSP’s Data Lake through the Internet.