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On Premises, Across Public Clouds, With Hybrid Environments

Stellar Cyber's intelligents next generation security operations platform runs wherever applications and data reside, delivering on the promise of open eXtended Detection and Response (Open XDR)

Key Components

Stellar Cyber’s intelligent security operations platform, encompasses three components: a family of distributed sensors, connectors and log forwarders to collect data from a variety of sources; a centralized data processor that processes, analyzes and stores the data with many integrated applications; and an intuitive GUI as a single pane of glass so analysts can visualize the data, access the applications and operate the platform.

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Distributed Sensors

Stellar Cyber has the broadest family of distributed sensors, connectors and log forwarders in the industry. They can be deployed in any environment, from physical, to virtual to the public cloud. They can be deployed  as standalone sensors attaching to physical or virtual switches, embedded on servers or endpoints, or installed as containers to cover container-based applications. Please refer to our sensors web page for details.

Centralized Data Processor

A centralized data processor processes, analyzes and stores data in a big data lake, and performs advanced detection, correlation and automated response with native tightly integrated capabilities. It is based on cloud native microservice architecture built with containers. This architecture provides scalability for large data volumes, high availability and deployment flexibility of the same software—from on premises to cloud and managed environments, ensuring the best match to business needs. It can be deployed on physical or virtual machines or in public clouds such as AWS, Azure or Google. It can also be purchased as a turnkey solution pre-installed on dedicated hardware appliances.

Intuitive GUI

An intuitive GUI serves as an single pane of glass to enable analysts to visualize the data, access the applications and operate the platform. Among its many functionalities, the GUI enables threat visualization across the cyber kill chain, threat investigation, guided and manual threat hunting and playbook construction for automatic responses. The GUI is a web-based application which can be accessed from anywhere on any computer via a browser.

Options to Choose From

Stellar Cyber's Security Platform powered by Open XDR can be deployed in many different ways
depending on requirements

Integrated Model

In this deployment model, the network sensor, the security sensor and the data processor are all installed on a single physical machine. Stellar provides a turn-key solution for this all-in-one deployment model for fast and easy installation.

Distributed Model

In this deployment mode, the data processor, and sensors are installed separately. The data processor are installed in a central location like private data center or in a public cloud while sensors are distributed across networks, endpoints or cloud in order to provide 360 degree visibility.  In this model, the data processor can be deployed in multiple physical or virtual machines to form a cluster.

MSSP Model

This deployment model is very similar to Distributed Model. The data processor is usually deployed by a MSSP in its private data center or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) protected by its firewall. In order to provide managed services to their customers, the sensors are deployed at the MSSP’s customers’ networks or endpoints or cloud behind their firewalls and connect to the MSSP’s data processor through the Internet.

Key Datasheets

Open XDR Appliances Datasheet

Turn-key appliances for SOC teams and security analysts.
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Sensors Datasheet

Stellar Cyber’s Sensors – See the Whole Picture with 360 Degree Visibility
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Open XDR Security Platform High Availability (HA)

The Importance of Data Availability
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