Stellar Cyber's Open XDR Extends Investments

Open APIs, Growing Ecosystems

New approaches to security infrastructure, such as Security Operations Center (SOC) solutions, promise to streamline and improve threat-hunting capabilities, but many vendors want to own the whole security solution stack. This “rip-and-replace” strategy is not popular with enterprises who have invested perhaps a million dollars in existing security solutions.

Stellar Cyber’s anywhere detection and response (XDR) solution is different. It’s an open SOC that acts as a hub for existing security solutions, aggregating their data and producing a clear, highly accurate, and effective threat landscape under a single pane of glass. Starlight integrates with any existing security solution through its robust APIs, delivering an XDR capability that leverages your current investments.

The combination of Stellar Cyber and your other security solutions delivers a threat-hunting environment that can’t be matched by SIEM or SOAR solutions alone. The unique data collection, analysis engines and Interflow™  technology allow your analysts to easily ignore false positives and focus on real threats throughout the kill chain, disabling them in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days. And Stellar Cyber’s curated data can feed your SIEM or SOAR to improve its effectiveness.

Open XDR Security Platform

Reveal Hidden Attacks On Premises, Edge and Cloud
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Our Testimonials

“We needed a cutting-edge solution for our team to better protect EBSCO’s very diverse portfolio of businesses globally. The Starlight platform brings together… More >>

– John Graham, Global CISO, EBSCO



  • Leverage broadest security data collection engine – physical, virtual, container, cloud – see the whole picture
  • Analyze all network traffic, server, virtual, application and user logs — with one unifying product that intelligently curates your data and triggers responses
  • Open API deliver easy integration with existing firewalls, SIEMs, and end points
  • Transport pre-processed, enriched data to Elasticsearch in lightweight JSON creating actionable record
  • Centralized security infrastructure management and control
  • Tight integration extends investment and ensures anywhere detection and response (XDR) means faster and more accurate analysis for your threat hunters and incident responders