Seeing the Whole Picture On Premises, Edge or Cloud

Most security products present a limited view of your overall threat landscape. For example, firewalls monitor switch ports, but can’t detect bots or man-in-the-middle attacks. IDS/IPS systems may monitor network threats but be blind to endpoint security threats.

With Stellar Cyber’s Starlight, you see the whole picture. The Starlight Open-XDR platform is a hub that connects the dots between a dozen or more standalone security systems and presents a clear and comprehensive view of your threat profile whether on endpoints, servers, public or private clouds, or virtualized network resources. Starlight’s clear, complete dashboard shows threats throughout the kill chain, and its data collection, automated response and Interflow™  technology ensure that those threats are relevant and can be identified and stopped quickly.


  • Leverage broadest security data collection engine – physical, virtual, container
  • Analyze all network traffic, server, virtual, application and user logs — with one unifying product that intelligently curates your data and triggers responses
  • Streamline operational processes to a single console by consolidating alert triage, detection and response across your on-premises and cloud environments
  • Satisfy business requirements with extensible reporting with unlimited data and visualization possibilities
  • Gain insights into advanced threats uncover malicious insiders, policy violations, external threats, ransomware, file-less and memory-only attacks and advanced zero-day malware