Stellar Cyber's family of sensors and agents provides pervasive data collection in any environment

Starlight operates wherever applications and data reside to ensure anywhere detection and response (XDR), including on-premises, public cloud or with service providers.

  • Network Sensors Network Sensors: Collect data from physical
    or virtual switches
  • Security SensorsSecurity Sensors: Collect data from physical
    or virtual switches
  • Agent SensorsAgent Sensors: Collect data running on Linux and Windows servers including traffic, commands, processes, file and application information. These sensors operate on Windows 98 and up, Ubuntu, CoreOS, Debian and Red Hat
  • Container SensorsContainer Sensors: Collect data from, and operate inside Docker environments
  • Deception SensorsDeception Sensors: Act as honeypots within your environment and operate on VMware, KVM, Hyper-V and VirtualBox
  • ConnectorsConnectors: Ensure visibility into Software-as-a-Service applications or service provider environments including: AWS Cloudtrail, Office365, G-Suite, OKTA, vulnerability scanners, Active Directory and SNMP

Pervasive Data Ingestion

- Stellar Cyber’s Family of Sensors and Agents

Watch this 3-minute video to see why Stellar Cyber delivers pervasive visibility on premises, in public clouds, and within service provider environments.

Starlight – Open XDR Security Platform

Reveal Hidden Attacks On Premises, Edge and Cloud
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Sensors and Agents Datasheet

Stellar Cyber’s Sensors & Agents – See the Whole Picture with Pervasive Visibility
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Key Features

  • Distributed, intelligent, lightweight sensors deliver pervasive coverage, eliminating all network blind spots.
  • Collection, inspection, and correlation of data from many data sources including network, server, applications, events from security devices such as FW/IDS, and threat feeds.
  • Starlight’s distributed architecture supports a broad range of detections at every phase of the cyber kill chain.
  • With automated analysis, alert fatigue and false alarms are effectively eliminated.
  • Starlight’s data processor supports both real-time and historic analysis and detection.
  • Get a 360° view of the attack surface on critical assets with anywhere detection and response (XDR).