Stellar Cyber's family of sensors, agents, collectors and forwarders provides pervasive data collection in any environment

Stellar Cyber covers the entire IT infrastructure to ensure extended detection and response (XDR), including on-premises, public cloud or with service providers.

  • Network Sensors Network Sensors: Collect rich metadata out of 4,000+ network applications with a powerful and customizable Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Engine. Physical network sensors can be used for south/north traffic from physical switches and virtual network sensors can be used in virtual environment for east/west traffic from virtual switches.
  • Security SensorsSecurity Sensors: Detect network intrusion and malware downloads from network traffic. A security sensor can be deployed in the same device as a network sensor or a different device or even different location from network sensors.
  • Server SensorsAgent Sensors:Collect and correlate data on Linux and Windows servers including network traffic, commands, processes, file and application information. These sensors operate on Windows 2003 and up, various Linux Distros including Ubuntu, CoreOS, Debian and Red Hat
  • Container SensorsContainer Sensors: Collect data from, and operate inside Docker environments to monitor communications among Containers. Container Sensors themselves are containers.
  • Deception SensorsDeception Sensors: Act as honeypots within your environment and operate on VMware, KVM, Hyper-V and VirtualBox. Like Linux agent sensor, it collects various data including network traffic, commands, processes, file and application information.
  • ConnectorsConnectors: Ensure visibility into Software-as-a-Service applications or service provider environments including: AWS Cloudtrail, Office365, G-Suite, OKTA, vulnerability scanners, Active Directory, EDR, SNMP, etc
  • Log ForwarderLog Forwarder: Collect, aggregate, parse and normalize logs from hundreds of security applications. It supports various format including standard log format, CEF format, etc.

Pervasive Data Ingestion

- Stellar Cyber’s Family of Sensors and Agents

Watch this 3-minute video to see why Stellar Cyber delivers pervasive visibility on premises, in public clouds, and within service provider environments.

Open XDR Security Platform

Reveal Hidden Attacks On Premises, Edge and Cloud
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Sensors and Agents Datasheet

Stellar Cyber’s Sensors & Agents – See the Whole Picture with Pervasive Visibility
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Key Features

  • Distributed, intelligent, lightweight sensors deliver pervasive coverage, eliminating all network blind spots.
  • Collection, inspection, and correlation of data from many data sources including network, server, applications, events from security devices such as FW/IDS, and threat feeds.
  • Stellar Cyber’s distributed architecture supports a broad range of detections at every phase of the cyber kill chain.
  • With automated analysis, alert fatigue and false alarms are effectively eliminated.
  • Stellar Cyber’s data processor supports both real-time and historic analysis and detection.
  • Get a 360° view of the attack surface on critical assets with extended detection and response (XDR).