The only comprehensive security platform providing maximum protection of applications and data wherever they reside

Stellar Cyber brings together all security data into a single platform, and integrates existing tools with natively supported apps. Now from a single console, automatically collect and correlate all security events from both raw telemetry data and tools to help detect and respond in seconds

  • See the whole picture across security infrastructure through sensors, agents, threat intelligence and log forwarders
  • Sensors and agents transform raw data into Interflow™ records and send it to a centralized data processor and data lake that deduplicates, enriches, correlates and stores the data that it receives
  • Complex analytics are run on the dataset to identify high-fidelity breach events delivering on anywhere detection and response (XDR)
  • Built-in analytics leverage machine learning to eliminate alert noise and improve the accuracy of detecting critical security events across security infrastructure

- Stellar Cyber overview in 3 minutes

Watch this 3 minute video on how Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform solves the tool, data and people challenges in the security industry today.


SIEMs have been the foundation of security operations for decades, and that should be acknowledged. However, SIEMs have made a lot of great promises…
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How AI and Machine Learning Improve Enterprise Cybersecurity

Connecting all of the Dots in a Complex Threat Landscape
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- Stellar Cyber's AI / ML overview: Unsupervised ML, Supervised ML and Adaptive ML