Stella Cyber's Interflow™ Solves the Data Problem

Stellar Cyber’s software works better by first gathering the right data — by deploying sensors, agents and log forwarders on the network, servers, containers, physical and virtual hosts. The sensors and agents transform raw data into Interflow™ records and send it to a centralized data processor and data lake that deduplicates, correlates, enriches, indexes and stores the data that it receives. Once this data is received, it then runs complex analytics on the dataset to identify high fidelity breach events.

When Stellar Cyber’s software–Starlight–is activated it quickly establishes a baseline behavior model for your specific environment and automatically starts identifying anomalous behaviors and breach events. Advanced data collection and analysis technology reduces false positives so your security analysts can focus on killing real threats.

In addition, Starlight’s built-in App Store lets your analysts drill down using 24 tightly-integrated apps, and our open ecosystem leverages your existing firewall and endpoint infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Distributed, intelligent, lightweight sensors deliver pervasive coverage, eliminating all network blind spots.
  • Collection, inspection, and correlation of data from many data sources including network, server, applications, events from security devices such as FW/IDS, and threat feeds.
  • Starlight’s distributed architecture supports a broad range of detections at every phase of the cyber kill chain.
  • With automated analysis, alert fatigue and false alarms are effectively eliminated.
  • Starlight’s data processor supports both real-time and historic analysis and detection.
  • Get a 360° view of the attack surface on critical assets.
  • Flexibly and rapidly deploy pervasively in any environment – physical, virtual, containerized, in private data centers, public clouds, and/or hybrid environments.