Starlight AI-Driven Data Driven Cyber Security Solutions from Stellar Cyber

Can you see pervasively throughout your environment?

Stellar Cyber’s Starlight detects cyber breaches across the entirety of your network, regardless of its scale or complexity. When Starlight is deployed, it quickly establishes a baseline behavior model for your environment and automatically starts identifying anomalous behaviors and breach events. Its AI technology operates like an around-the-clock, autonomous virtual security analyst, ceaselessly monitoring and learning from your network. With each observation, it continues to refine its intelligence and predictive abilities. At the core of Starlight is its foundation on pervasive data collection and distributed security intelligence, key differentiators from other solutions.


  • Distributed intelligent lightweight sensors deliver pervasive coverage, eliminating all network blind spots.
  • Collection, inspection, and correlation of data from many data sources including network, server, applications, events from security devices such as FW/IDS, and threat feeds.
  • Starlight’s Distributed Security Intelligence architecture supports broad range of detections across the cyber killchain.
  • With analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence, alert fatigue and false alarms are slashed.
  • The Starlight big data platform supports both real-time and historic detection.
  • Get a 360° view of the attack surface on critical assets.
  • Flexibly and rapidly deploy in any environment – physical, virtual, containerized in private data centers, public clouds, and/or hybrid clouds

AI-Driven Security for AWS

Do you know if your AWS servers are being attacked?

With public cloud services like AWS becoming popular choices for applications, sensitive data such as customer or subscriber information become highly attractive targets for malicious actors. Weaknesses in cloud security leave customers more susceptible to attacks, and an AWS firewall is simply not enough to secure your servers.
Hackers routinely run port scans against servers hosted on AWS. Once an open TCP or UDP port is discovered, they can gain access through brute force attacks or vulnerabilities in your application.
After intruders steal your information or turn the server into a bot under their command, the damage is irreversible. All of this can and does occur right under the nose of a simple AWS firewall.
Stellar Cyber’s Starlight platform detects intruders in minutes. Simply install our lightweight, software-only Stellar Cyber Agents on your servers and thoroughly monitor network traffic, file access, processes, and command executions with ease.


  • Easy installation of Starlight platform within your AWS environment in minutes.
  • Full visibility of user logins and activities
  • Full visibility of command executions and processes on your servers
  • Full visibility of services running on the servers
  • Rapid identification of anomalous behaviors via machine learning.
  • Rapid detection of data exfiltration and other exploits from your servers
  • Single out the real threats with high fidelity alerts

Ai-Driven Security For Containers

Container deployment is gaining popularity  and according to research done by MarketsandMarkets, container monitoring is expected to grow from $169.6 million in 2017 to 706.2 million by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33% during the forecast period.  What this simply means is that organizations have a growing concern about container visibility.  Stellar Cyber has created the industries first AI-Driven Breach Detection System for container workloads.  IT organizations can deploy a privileged container that has the ability to monitor network traffic flows to, from and between containers as well as identify up to 3,000+ network applications that may be in use by containers.  Beyond monitoring traffic, Stellar Cyber’s container solution can monitor the commands executed, processes launched and the files that are touched on the host serving the containers as well as within the container itself.  Rapid deployment is also a key feature and container monitoring can be centrally managed and pushed out to over 100,000 containers with the click of a button.

  • Centralized management & deployment
  • Centos, Ubuntu, Redhat, Docker & Kubernetes compatible
  • Network, application, command, process, file and user monitoring
  • Artificial intelligence through machine learning identifies container anomalies