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Don’t Click It, Pitch It

Stellar Cyber is excited to bring you its new initiative to educate young people about cybersecurity and how to keep themselves safe online!

Don't Click It, Pitch It

Partnering with Minor League baseball teams including the Lake County Corndogs, Oakland Ballers,
and Ogden Raptors, our goal is to spread awareness on how to deal with strange texts or
emails: don’t click it, pitch it!

This new not for profit initiative is the latest capstone in Stellar Cyber’s educational efforts. Cybercrime targets everyone, and we want to educate the most vulnerable members of our community, in order to make the Internet a safer place.  From phishing emails to suspicious text messages, hackers are using all manner of methods to target young children. Our blanket message teaches all age groups how to handle these attacks.

Cybersecurity is not just an issue for corporations.

Stellar Cyber’s goal has always been to change the game, and that applies to more than just businesses.

We hope to create a new attitude towards individual activity online.
We encourage community engagement through our website, through sharing testimonials about personal experiences being hacked and subscribing to our newsletter!
To learn more about “Don’t Click It, Pitch It,” visit our website at,
or read more on this blog post.