Radical Reduction of MTTR

Define and execute responses from the same platform
detections to dramatically minimize attack dwell time. Many
response actions ranging from containing a host to blocking on
a firewall to sending any webhook APIs.
AlienVault alternatives

Key Features

Network traffic analysis

Deep Integrations Across Critical
Tool Categories

Stellar Cyber not only collects telemetry from your existing
and security tools, but can respond back through those same
tools to scale your operations and reduce MTTR. Respond
through firewalls, EDR, IAM, ticketing systems, messaging apps
and more. If you need more complex orchestration, Stellar
Cyber integrates with numerous SOAR products like Phantom,
Demisto, Swimlane and Siemplify.
Next Gen SIEM

Respond Directly From an

Stellar Cyber keeps response actions at the analyst fingertips at
all times. While investigating an incident, or hunting for
suspicious activities, a security analyst can directly respond in
the same console. So if you identify an asset with suspicious
outbound communication, you can directly contain that host
without navigating away from your current view.
NDR platform

Respond With Context
and Confidence

Contextual Interflow enriched with Threat Intelligence,
Geolocation, user name, host name, etc provide information at
your fingertips. Incidents, a group of correlated alerts,
dramatically reduce false positives. You can respond in
minutes, not days or weeks, with high confidence.
Automated threat hunting

Fully Automated

Setup Automated Threat Hunting playbooks to take a
response action based on any criteria. Automate away
mundane work to keep your people focused on what they do
best while responding to alerts at machine speed.