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Stellar Cyber Academy

Gain the knowledge you need to effectively use the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform


On-demand Instruction

The Stellar Cyber Learning Management System
offers courses on-demand and regularly scheduled online instructor-led courses

Courses and Certification

Learners can take the Stellar Cyber Open XDR 101 and Stellar Cyber for SOC Analyst Certification courses online on-demand and register for instructor-led courses at Stellar Cyber Academy.


Enabling Access for All

Users can enhance their favorite EDR tools with full integration into an XDR platform, obtaining greater visibility.

Jon Oltsik Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow

ZK Research Logo
The breadth of Stellar Cyber’s offering, including UEBA, NTA, NG-SIEM and automated response, and their ability to integrate with any endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform makes it the first Open XDR system I am aware of

Zeus Kerravala Principal Analyst for ZK Research

Stellar Cyber delivers built-in Network Detection & Response (NDR), Next Gen SIEM and Automated Response

Rik Turner Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

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Bring Hidden Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your current security products, making it harder for attackers to harm your business.
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