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Lateral Movement

Find and stop attackers roaming around your network.

Why Identifying Lateral Movement is Challenging


Lack of Visibility

While good products are on the market focused on specific aspects of your environment, they lack the situational awareness you need to see attackers as they move from one asset to another.


Time Delays

Attackers are patient. Once they penetrate your environment, they are keen to wait for days, weeks, or even months before taking their next step, hoping the security in place will not detect their movement. Without

continuous analysis of network activity, security teams will eventually deal with an active attack rather than stop it from occurring.

Unreliable Automation

Even if a security team can identify an attacker traversing the network without reliable response automation, they will take manual response actions, giving attackers time to attempt to evade eradication.

How to Detect and Defeat Lateral Movement

A multi-layer security approach gives your team the best chance to detect and eradicate attackers moving laterally across your network.


Attackers typically target endpoints as their point of entry so your security team must monitor and capture critical data from all endpoints for analysis.


An indicator that an attacker is moving freely across your network can come from a Next-Gen firewall capable of identifying connections from the network to suspicious external IP addresses.

When analyzed in context, that data can be essential to identify lateral movement.


To traverse your environment, attackers will be moving across your network, thus, reliable network protection, such as an NDR solution, must be included in your security stack.


When an attacker moves laterally across your network, they look for exploitable weaknesses in your assets and application stack. Vulnerability management tools give you the visibility to keep your machines and apps patched appropriately.


Security Analytics allows you to detect potential signs of attacher lateral movement when actively monitoring and correlating user and entity behaviors and flagging suspicious activities.


With the previous protection layers in place, you need a way to respond to a detected threat at scale quickly. An automated response product like SOAR can be the difference between thwarting an attacker early and a wide-scale breach.