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Stellar Cyber Pricing

Predictable pricing you can count on.

We aim to make doing business with Stellar Cyber as simple and painless as possible. So, instead of forcing you to make difficult trade-off decisions between security capabilities, every Stellar Cyber Open XDR customer gets every capability available in the platform under a single license.

One license. One Price. Simple as That.

Here is what you get today...

Next Generation

Stellar Cyber Next Gen SIEM enables security teams to collect and automatically normalize log data from any data source to optimize search and threat-hunting functions, making data audit ready for compliance purposes. With user entity behavior analysis capabilities included (UEBA), anomalous and suspicious behaviors will be identified automatically to eliminate potential security threats missed by other security controls.

Network Detection &

Stellar Cyber NDR combines raw packet collection with NGFW, logs, Netflow, and IPFix from physical or virtual switches, containers, servers, and public clouds, enabling deep packet analysis for over 4,000 applications and L2-L7 metadata and files from network traffic. With a malware sandbox included, suspicious files will be automatically detonated in a safe manner to determine if they have malicious intent.

Threat Intelligence

Stellar Cyber’s cloud-based Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) aggregates multiple commercial, open-source, and government threat intelligence feeds in near real-time. The aggregated results are then distributed to every deployment of Stellar Cyber, on-premises or in the cloud. Each deployment uses the latest threat intelligence to enrich data as it is ingested for the most efficient and effective detection and response.

Malware Analysis

Stellar Cyber’s NDR has the broadest detection in the industry besides various machine learning methods for breach detection. It includes machine learning based IDS for known attacks but without too much noise, Sandbox for malware analysis and UEBA for insider threats or compromised users. You can sunset the aging IDS or Sandbox if you have them.


Stellar Cyber security orchestration allows security teams to respond to cyber threats using pre-defined playbooks, ensuring consistent security outcomes. With hundreds of pre-built integrations to security, IT, OT, and productivity products, users can create virtually any workflow required to mitigate identified cyber threats appropriately.

File Integrity Monitoring

Stellar Cyber File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), a critical component within the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform, enables a security team to identify sensitive files across their environment to monitor for changes. When one of these files changes, Stellar Cyber automatically generates an alert, enabling any security analyst to perform a quick investigation and take decisive response actions if required.

…And more planned for the future!

Your Success Means Everything to Us

We know we are doing a good job when our customers succeed, so we do all we can to make sure that happens It takes the right combination of people, technology, and commitment.
A team of security experts with a single goal: Get your team fully operational on the platform. Our enablement team provides guidance and lets you take control, gaining the technical know-how to be self-sufficient in operating and utilizing the Stellar Cyber platform for security operations.
Stellar Cyber Academy
Just as the threats you encounter daily evolve, so does Stellar Cyber.

With on-demand access to Stellar Cyber Academy, you can be sure your analysts have all the information they need to make use of every feature in the platform.
Customer Success
Our Customer Success team is dedicated to proactively reaching out to customers regularly to ensure they are getting the most out of their Stellar Cyber investment.

It is this personal touch that makes Stellar Cyber customers our best advocates.
Customer Success
We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality product we can but let’s face it, sometimes things do not work as you would expect them.

Our Customer Support team is available 24×7 to answer your questions, report potential software defects, and guide you to finding the answers you need.

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