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- GUI Dashboard Overview

GUI / Dashboard overview of Stellar Cyber’s Security Platform–Powered by Open XDR.

Open XDR Security Platform

Across cloud, endpoint, network, SaaS and users
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“The ability to monitor all our clients individually, with machine learning on their own data set, but also view and manage all clients and their alerts collectively… More >>

– Joe Morin, CEO, Cyflare

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IT Security

Stellar Cyber’s dashboard provides an overview of the entire cyber-security kill chain and is based on a defense-in depth security design.

From reconnaissance to ex-filtration, suspicious communications to internal and external actors, Stellar Cyber gives real time visibility of threat progression as it happens.

Stellar Cyber studies each data point to remove the noise and show only high fidelity, scored attacks and anomalies. Admins do not need to deal with thousands of noisy alerts but only a handful, relevant events on their dashboard.