Open XDR moves from point solutions to tightly integrated applications. Offer single applications, or create differentiable bundled services

One Shared Data Platform

  • Remove data security infrastructure silos with an app-based platform, helping to deliver anywhere detection and response (XDR).
  • Collect the right data with the industry’s broadest data collection suite of sensors and agents.

Improve Productivity & Margin

  • Leverage machine learning to automatically weed out false positives and improve response time of security infrastructure.
  • See the big picture with a GUI that follows the kill chain, enabling analysts to improve threat-hunting and train faster – days versus weeks.
Drive New Revenue and Profits with Security-as-a-Service

Services are the key to success as an MSP/MSSP, and now you can go beyond IDS-as-a-service.
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inSOC Builds a SOC with Stellar Cyber

Solution exposes the entire kill chain; combines all key security technologies under a single pane of glass to boost analyst productivity… Download Case Study

To be successful, you need the right SOC to avoid getting bogged down in managing multiple tools with multiple interfaces.

Stellar Cyber unifies the view of your customers’ security profile in a single pane of glass, and comes with powerful integrated apps that let your analysts quickly hunt down and kill threats whether they reside in the physical network, cloud, containers, or endpoints — anywhere detection and response (XDR).

What’s more, Stellar Cyber’s built-in multi-tenancy means you don’t have to pay extra or spend months integrating a multi-tenancy option like you do with other security infrastructure products. Quickly create templates to onboard new customers with ease, and manage hundreds of customers with a solution that slashes false positives to make your analysts happier and more productive.