Leverage a multi-tiered multi-tenant next gen SOC platform to differentiate your business.

Stellar Cyber's security solution empowers wholesale and retail channels

Security Software that Drives New Revenue

  • Become a trusted MSSP through high value and ‘sticky’ cloud security services.
  • Leverage the only security software platform that comes with built-in multi-tenancy, so you can manage security services for hundreds or thousands of end users, business units or companies with ease.
  • Compete more effectively by offering tailored and comprehensive suite of security analysis services.
  • Drive new security solutions revenues with SOC-as-a-service for mid market customers.
  • Launch managed detection and response (MDR)-as-a-Service as a differentiator to enter strategic accounts.
  • Easily bundle services for SMBs by leveraging native security analysis capabilities tightly integrated into the platform
  • Open API-s for integrating into your existing security software tools and end points.

Increase Service Margin through Consolidating Tools

  • Achieve security infrastructure visibility across physical, virtual, container and cloud data.
  • Multi-tenant architecture, all compute power is tied to security solution revenue, every GB of storage is monetizable
  • Streamline anomaly detection and investigation by creating context among events with Stellar Cyber’s patented Interflow™ technology.
  • Increase SOC productivity – streamline security analysis operational processes to a single console by consolidating alert triage, open extended detection and response (Open XDR) across your on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Eliminate the alert backlog with automated root cause analysis and timeline views, easing the skill level required to evaluate and analyze alerts.
  • Gain insights beyond SIEM security thinking – uncover malicious insiders, policy violations, external threats, ransomware, file-less and memory-only attacks and advanced zero-day malware.

- An Interview with CyFlare - A Top 100 MSSP

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- A Conversation with Mark Porter, CEO of High Wire Networks

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CyFlare Builds Wholesale SOC-as-a-service Offering with Stellar Cyber

Multi-tenant Solution Scales from Tiny MSPs…
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Drive New Revenue and Profits with Security-as-a-Service

Services are the key to success as an MSP/MSSP, and now you can go beyond IDS-as-a-service.
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Key Features

Provide Comprehensive Security Throughout Your Customers’ Infrastructure

Services are the key to success in cloud security as an MSP/MSSP, and now you can go beyond IDS-as-a-service or firewall-as-a-service. Stellar Cyber delivers a comprehensive view of your customers’ and automatically detects anomalies, investigates the causes, and responds to threats as no other security infrastructure solution can. Read More >>

Stellar Cyber’s software reduces alert fatigue by correlating anomalies across physical, virtual, container and cloud environments, enabling threat hunters to respond in seconds or minutes. Built-in multi-tenancy enables you to create security templates that quickly bring new customers on board. << Show Less

Security is About Applications, Not Tools

Leverage a new way of thinking about security detection and response. Go beyond SIEM security frameworks – with Stellar Cyber — the first Open XDR security platform. Empower security analysis with native capabilities tightly integrated on one workbench to deliver more accurate data more quickly. Read More >>

The GUI follows the whole kill chain, ensuring analysts get up to speed quickly. It’s days versus months of training, so your time to revenue is slashed. << Show Less

Stellar Cyber Solves the Data Deluge Problem

It’s hard to respond quickly to customer needs when you’re drowning in data. Stellar Cyber delivers the broadest security analysis data collection engine to ensure that you see the whole picture, and its data processing pipeline curates all security data to weed out unimportant events so your analysts can focus on real threats to respond in minutes. Stellar Cyber’s patented Interflow™ streamlines anomaly detection and investigation by creating context among events, and context is fundamental to any advanced threat-hunting strategy Read More >>

Additionally, Interflow normalizes security data shared between integrated applications and third-party applications, driving single-pane-of-glass visibility and control across security toolsets so your analysts can watch and respond 7/24. << Show Less