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User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Get a single unified view in your environment
with Stellar Cyber's security operations platform

Automatically and constantly discovering new assets, profiling users, and identifying their behavior and risk

From Dev, to Q/A and Production, Stellar Cyber ensures 360 degree visibility for security analysis throughout the CI / CD pipeline

Comprehensive Asset Inventory and Advanced User Analytics

Entity Analytics
-- Beyond SIEM Security

User-Centric View

What People Are Saying

"Users can enhance their favorite EDR tools with full integration into an XDR platform, obtaining greater visibility."

Jon Oltsik Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow

"Stellar Cyber reduced our analysis expenses and enabled us to kill threats far more quickly."

Central IT Department University of Zurich

Stellar Cyber delivers built-in Network Detection & Response (NDR), Next Gen SIEM and Automated Response

Rik Turner Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

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Key Features


Detect User Anomaly Behaviors That SIEM Tools Miss

The UEBA App in Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform collects and fuses user-relevant data from a variety of data sources across security infrastructure such as SIEM tools, network traffic, Active Directory logs, and applications like Office 365. It applies sophisticated behavioral security analysis through machine learning.

It baselines users’ typical behaviors in order to detect their anomalous activities. It can rapidly detect bad behaviors without the need to write any rules or signatures. Combined with other relevant security events detected with many tightly-integrated security applications such as malware detection, the UBA App can quickly detect malicious users or compromised users

Advanced Asset Management-- Beyond SIEM Security Thinking

Drive a holistic view and bring together IT security, network security and cloud security. Stellar Cyber’s UEBA automatically and continually discovers and inventories all assets across networks, clients and cloud environments by collecting information from many different sources such as network traffic, logs, endpoints, vulnerability scan results, etc.

It provides a unified view of all assets by host name, user, location, device type, manufacturer and many more identifiers. It allows the user to prioritize assets by assigning value to assets, and to group assets by assigning tags. It identifies and alerts analysts to unauthorized assets in a network.