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Open XDR Platform enabling security teams to gain a permanent advantage over the attackers.

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Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform enables your lean Enterprise
security team to effectively protect your cloud, on-prem, OT, and
hybrid environments, all from a single dashboard.

Common Enterprise Use Cases

Automated threat hunting

Replace Your SIEM

Get the SIEM capabilities you
need without any of the
User Behavior Analytics

Complement Your SIEM

If you love your SIEM but want
better threat detection, Stellar
Cyber can help.
SOC platform

Deploy NDR

Detect and remediate threats
across your network with Stellar
Network detection and response

Bring your Own EDR

Turn any EDR into an XDR automatically.

Combat Common Enterprise Threats

Automated SOC
Detect and remediate
ransomware attacks faster.
Network traffic analysis
Detect when an attacker has accessed your environment with valid credentials.
User Behavior Analytics
Ensure a phishing attack does not lead to a widescale data breach.
SIEM tools
Identify an employee who has gone rogue quickly to limit potential business damage.

Enterprise Specific Features

Ultra-Flexible Data Sources

Incorporate data from any existing security control, IT, and productivity tool using pre-built integrations.

Normalization and Enrichment

Data automatically normalized and enriched with context to enable comprehensive, scalable data analysis.

Automated Threat Hunting

Create customized threat hunts that can be run ad-hoc or on a set schedule.

Advanced Threat Detection

Complex threats identified using a combination of AI threat models and curated threat detection rules.

AI-Driven Threat Correlation

Seemingly disparate alerts are combined into incidents providing security analysts with contextualized and prioritized threats to investigate.

Repeatable Incident Response

Take decisive response actions manually or enable Stellar Cyber to fully automate response.

Turn Security Operations on its Head

SIEM platform

Protect Your Entire
Attack Surface

Find threats in your IoT devices, critical
servers, the cloud, and
anywhere in between.

SIEM alternatives

Increase Security Team

Drive significant gains in MTTD
and MTTR by combining
intelligent automation and
human expertise.

SIEM tools

Reduce Costs &
Simplify SecOps

Eliminate complicated, expensive security products,
freeing budget and resources.

Bring Hidden
Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your
current security products, making it harder for
attackers to harm your business.

Firewall Traffic Analysis