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Insider Threat

Don’t let rogue insiders go unnoticed.

What Makes Identifying Insider Threats Challenging

While identifying unpatched machines and exploitable software is straightforward, when it comes to identifying insider threats, the process is anything but easy.


The Walls are Gone

In today’s work-from-home environment, employees can work anywhere and anytime. While this flexibility increases employee satisfaction, it makes it harder for security teams to know when a legitimate user is displaying signs of going rogue.


Understanding Normal

To know when a trusted employee's actions are abnormal, indicating an insider threat potential, you must first understand what normal behavior is for every employee. To define normal, you need technology capable of learning normal, which some security teams do not have.


Unreliable Automation

If security teams can identify the normal and thus the abnormal and potential insider threat, they need to take consistent response actions fast. Unfortunately, without the right technology, responses will be manual and slower.

How to Protect Against Insider Threats

A multi-layer security approach gives your team the best chance to detect and mitigate Insider Threats quickly.


You need to gather information from the user's endpoint to identify normal. Additionally, if you need to take response actions in response to suspicious activity, you must have a way to isolate an endpoint, which endpoint protection can give you.


99% of all attacks will traverse your network at some point. Network protection products like NDRs are great ways to detect if a user moves an abnormal amount of data across the network.

Identity Management & CASB

A least-privilege approach to user provisioning can ensure that if a user’s credentials are compromised, the attacker will face some challenges attempting to navigate the network freely.

Additionally, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) are essential to administer corporate identity policies across all your cloud environments.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics

While you gather data from endpoints and servers with your endpoint protection, the heavy lifting when identifying normal and abnormal behavior occurs in a User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution. Understanding normal is critical to identifying compromised credentials.

Without this layer of protection, security teams will always be recovering from an attack rather than stopping it from happening.

Security Analytics

While the impact of compromised credentials is evident once an attacker deploys the attack, there are opportunities to detect potential signs of compromised credentials when actively monitoring and correlating user and entity behaviors and flagging suspicious activities.

Automated Response

With the previous protection layers in place, you need a way to respond to a detected threat at scale quickly. An automated response product like SOAR can distinguish between a localized credential issue and a widespread breach.

How Stellar Cyber Can Help

Stellar Cyber delivers over 400 integrations out-of-the-box, including integrations to popular endpoint protection, Identity management, and CASB products you use. The choice of which of these products to use is up to you.

Stellar Cyber also provides network protection, security analytics, UEBA, and automated response capabilities to identify and mitigate insider threats across your IT and OT environments.

Key Features

Ultra-Flexible Data Sources

Using pre-built integrations, incorporate data from any existing security control, IT, and productivity tool.

Normalize and Enrich Data

Automatically normalize and enrich data with context, enabling comprehensive, scalable data analysis.

Automated Threat Hunting

Create customized threat hunts that can be run ad-hoc or on a set schedule.

Advanced Threat Detection

Identify complex threats using AI threat models and curated threat detection rules.

AI-Driven Security Analytics

Combining seemingly disparate alerts into incidents provides security analysts with contextualized and prioritized threats to investigate.

Repeatable Incident Response

Take decisive response actions manually or enable Stellar Cyber to automate response fully.

Meet Your Insider Threat Challenge with Stellar Cyber


Stop Chasing Alerts

Investigate incidents, not alerts See significant efficiency gains


Improve Security Outcomes

Find hidden threats early
Eliminate constant firefighting


Save Time and Money

Optimize security stack
Improve team productivity

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