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Stellar Cyber Technology

Join the growing number of technology companies partnering with Stellar Cyber to help lean security teams defend their environments against advanced attacks. 

Stellar Cyber By The Numbers


Turnkey integrations available for all customers out of the box

10 Million

Assets secured by the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

300 Million

Logs, network and user events, and security alerts correlated daily

Featured Technology Partners

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See what technologies Stellar Cyber integrates with today for yourself. 

Why Partner with Stellar Cyber

Grow Your

Reach new organizations looking to transform their security operations capabilities by adopting technologies aligned with the Stellar Cyber Open XDR approach to secuirty.

Deliver Comprehensive Solution

Make your technology more valuable by working with Stellar Cyber, providing security operation teams with the ability to solve more of their pressing security needs. 

Brand Awareness

Make your brand more valuable by introducing it to organizations that may have thought you did not have a solution that could meet their needs. 

Become a Member of our Expanding Network

Stellar Cyber and our Open XDR is the security operations platform of choice for MSSPs and enterprise security teams looking for a new approach to completing effective threat detection, investigation, response, and remediation. With each new opportunity our technology alliance partners gain a potential new customer. Now is the time to become part of the vibrant, problem-solving focused Stellar Cyber Technology Alliance Network.

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