Case Management

Streamlining the investigation lifecycle process

A New Approach to Investigations

Alert-based, manual investigations put security teams under tremendous pressure to complete their work as fast as possible, increasing the chance a critical security threat may go unnoticed. To give security teams a fighting chance to identify and mitigate threats early, they must evolve their practices, embracing automation and a new investigation approach.

Stellar Cyber Case Management combines machine-learning alert correlation, automated investigation processes, and intuitive aggregation workflows to speed the investigation and remediation of security threats. With Case Management, Analysts benefit from:

Automated Alert Correlation

Related alerts grouped into cases for improved investigation outcomes.

SOC platform

Holistic Views
of Threats

Analysts see the entirety of a threat in various visualizations, including timeline and graph formats.

extended detection and response

Optimized Investigation Workflows

Analysts can take bulk actions, including closing multiple alerts and responding to numerous alerts in a single step.

How Case Management Works

Stellar  Cyber Case Management takes the complexity out of working investigations.
move slow; the decision is yours.

Step 1:
Data Ingestion

Data from various sources is normalized and stored in a data lake optimized for fast searching and analysis.

Step 2:
Threat Detection

Advanced threat detection capabilities identify potential threats, including machine-learning models and curated rules.

Step 3:

The platform correlates individual threats (aka alerts) into cases with appropriate context added automatically.

Step 4:

Analysts work the case, adding additional relevant information into the case locker, then, using the guidance provided by the platform, take bulk response actions, such as isolating endpoints, closing alerts, and sending notifications.

What You Can Save with Stellar Cyber

With Stellar Cyber delivering Next Gen SIEM, UEBA, TIP, IDS, Malware Sandbox, FIM, and SOAR capabilities, there is the potential to make significant savings by eliminating some or all of these products after deploying Stellar Cyber.

Customers report double-digit percent cost savings after using Stellar Cyber, most of which could be reallocated for other critical security teams' needs, such as hardware, security training, additional resources, and more.

Case Management Works Across all the Capabilities of the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Automatically identifies anomalous and suspicious behaviors to eliminate potential security threats other security controls miss.

Next-Generation SIEM (Next-Gen SIEM)

Collect and automatically normalize log data from any data source to optimize search and threat-hunting functions, making data audit-ready for compliance purposes.

Threat InteI Platform (TIP)

Third-party threat intel sources can easily be integrated into the platform and used to enrich any alert to provide appropriate context.

Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Combines raw packet collection with NGFW, logs, NetFlow, and IPFix from physical or virtual switches, containers, servers, and public clouds to identify network threats.

Intrusion Detection (IDS) & Malware Sandbox

Suspicious files detonate automatically and safely to determine if they have malicious intent.

Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR)

Respond to cyber threats using pre-defined playbooks, ensuring consistent security outcomes.

With Stellar Cyber, Enablement is Included

For MSSPs: We train your SOC team to use the platform and your sales team to sell the platform effectively.

For Enterprises: We train your administrators and analysts to use the platform as effectively as possible.