Cyber attacks and breaches have soared recently and security budgets have grown in response. Until now it has been necessary to juggle a multitude of expensive tools from multiple vendors. The industry doesn’t need another point solution to cobble together. It needs a scalable, intelligent central platform, that is fed with pervasive data collection and visibility and armed with advanced artificial intelligence.

Cybersecurity Challenge

Data is the achilles heal to cyber security.  Everyone knows you need data to combat cyber threats but how do you go about it?  You can either collect too much data and create a very large and expensive haystack that lengthens the time to find the needles within it, you can collect too little data and have no visibility into malicious activity, or you can have no context to the data collected, which renders your data meaningless. At Stellar Cyber we liken this problem to the childhood story of Goldilocks and the three bears and have set on a mission to make data “just right” so that cyber threats can quickly be mitigated.


Collect – Pervasive collection of your security event data

We collect security event data across from our included security sensors as well as your security controls from your endpoints all the way to your cloud.

Detect – Detection of anomalous events driven by industry-leading ML

Our industry-leading ML coupled with our advanced data processing helps you quickly identify the threats to your network in the volumes of data your systems produce.

Investigate – Rapid detection of threats to your environment

Utilizing our high-fidelity data, we give you the ability to quickly locate threats from our asset inventory, threat hunting, network traffic, and data lake.

Respond – Automate reporting, orchestration, and case management

Our rapid detection of security events, coupled with highly-extensible SOAR functionality, lets you respond to real time threats all day every day.  Our virtual soc analyst does not take vacation!

Meet Stellar Cyber

Think of Stellar Cyber as the industry’s first Virtual Security Analyst Assistant, powered by advanced AI. Under the covers, Stellar Cyber delivers data-driven cyber security by using Distributed Security Intelligence™, empowering organizations to proactively detect, investigate and respond to attacks on their critical data systems before damage is done. Instead of overwhelming security teams with countless false alarms, Stellar Cyber intelligently uses multiple Machine Learning techniques to cut through the noise and deliver high-fidelity alerts that enable fast, effective responses, reducing detection, investigation and response time from months to minutes. With Stellar Cyber it’s like having a relentless virtual security assistant on your team.

Introducing Starlight

Unified Security Analytics Platform

Starlight, Stellar Cyber’s flagship product is the industry’s first Unified Security Analytics Platform that serves as a central command center for SOCS, vSOCS and security analysts.  Designed by cybersecurity Experts, for cyber security analysts, Starlight delivers operational efficiencies, dramatically reduces breach detection costs, while speeding up the time to detect, investigate and respond to large scale cyber breaches.  By solving the data problem first with our patent pending Interflow technology and then applying advanced detection techniques like our patent pending machine learning technology and leveraging embedded ML-IDS, Malware Detection, Threat Intelligence, SIEM and SOAR technology, Starlight is well positioned to be a complete and last security analytics platform you will ever need.