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AI-Driven Unified
Security Operations

Powered by Open XDR

Stop chasing alerts and start closing cases today with the world’s most open cybersecurity platform. 

With Our AI-Driven Open XDR Platform

Enterprises, MSSPs, and MSPs can

Collect & Normalize

Ingests security alerts, logs, and telemetry from any product

Detect & Correlate

Uses AI to analyze and correlate collected data to identify cyber threats

Investigate & Respond

Enables your security team to complete effective investigations fast

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR

Delivering critical security capabilities in a unified, automated security operations platform

Next-Gen SIEM

Meet your security and compliance use cases with the only NG-SIEM integrated into Open XDR.

NDR with Sandbox

Identify network threats natively with findings automatically correlated with other related events.

Threat Intel Platform

Automatically contextualize threats and security relevant data with 3rd party threat intelligence.

Intrusion Detection

Monitors network traffic for suspicious activity based on known attack signatures.

Automated Response

Respond to cyber threats using pre-defined playbooks, ensuring consistent security outcomes.

File Integrity Monitoring

Monitors critical files and automatically generate alerts when unauthorized changes detected.

Experience the Benefits of Stellar Cyber Open XDR


Protect Your Entire
Attack Surface

Identify threats against your on-prem, cloud, and IT/OT environments with our out-of-the-box threat detections.


Increase SecOps Performance

Improve MTTD by >8x and MTTR by >20x. Let your people do what they do best, let AI-driven automation do the rest.


Reduce Costs While Simplifying SecOps

Flexible deployment options
coupled with our open approach mean you control your investment strategy, not us.

Stellar Cyber
For Every Organization

Sound too good to be true?

See it yourself!

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