Making Security Operations


We deliver an easy-to-use Open XDR platform
built to meet the needs of lean security teams,
providing security functionality anyone can use.

Our Open XDR Platform

Ingests security alerts,
logs, and telemetry from
any product

Uses AI to analyze and correlate collected data to identify cyber threats

Enables your security team to complete effective investigations fast

Which Statement
Best Describes You?

I Secure
My Own Environment

I Provide
Security Services
to Organizations

I Want to
Become a Stellar Cyber

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform


Unified, simplified, automated
security operations platform.

Next Gen SIEM

Fulfill empty promises of legacy


Simplify attack detection and
react quickly.

Bring Your Own EDR

Immediately turn any
EDR into an XDR.

With Stellar Cyber You Can…

Protect Your Entire
Attack Surface

Identify threats against your on-prem, cloud, and IT/OT environments with our out-of-the-box threat detections.

Increase SecOps

Improve MTTD by >8x and MTTR by >20x . Let your people do what they do best, let AI-driven automation do the rest.

Reduce Costs While
Simplifying SecOps

Flexible deployment options coupled with our open approach mean you control your investment strategy, not us.

Sound too good to be true?
See it yourself!