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How Stellar Cyber

Stellar Cyber empowers lean security teams to successfully secure their cloud, on-premises, and OT environments from a single platform.

Explore the Platform in 5 minutes

In this interactive software walkthrough, you will see how easy it is to secure your environments with Stellar Cyber.

End-to-End Detection and Response

Ingest And Normalize Data

Stellar Cyber can
ingest data from any
security, IT, system, or
productivity product
you have deployed.

Centralized Threat Detection

Stellar Cyber
automatically finds
threats using a mix of
detection capabilities.

Sensor-Driven Threat Detection

Stellar Cyber Sensors can be deployed to the far reaches of your environments with embedded threat detection capabilities.

AI-Enabled Investigation

Stellar Cyber eliminates the manual steps typically required to complete an investigation.

Automated Response

Create playbooks that run automatically when a specific threat is detected.

Ingest and
Normalize Data

Stellar Cyber ingests data from API based connectors (cloud or on prem), or from streaming log sources via protocols like Syslog. On prem data sources can be captured because of Stellar Cyber’s Sensors which can be deployed physically or virtually to hook into those environments. Data, regardless of its origin, gets normalized into a standard data model. Common fields like source IP, timestamp, or logon type are always standardized when possible to make workflows easy. Third party specific data is kept in a vendor data namespace. Data is also enriched with geolocation and asset context to increase the value of all telemetry.

Centralized Threat Detection

Stellar Cyber uses several methods to root out potential threats:

Sensor Driven
Threat Detection

Stellar Cyber’s sensors not only collect logs from cloud and on-prem sources, they also create visibility and deploy network based detections to the edge. Sensors package together Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Malware Sandbox into a single configurable software package.

AI Enabled Investigations

Correlation across detections and other data signals occurs through a Graph ML based AI that aids analysts by automatically assembling related data points. The AI determines connection strength between discrete events that can be sourced from any data source, based on property, temporal, and behavioral similarities. This AI is trained on real world data generated by Stellar Cyber and is continuously improved with its operational exposure.


Users have complete customizability over the context, conditions, and output of playbooks. Playbooks can be deployed globally or on a per tenant basis. Use any out-of-the box playbook for a standard response, or create a custom playbook for taking action back into an EDR, calling a web-hook, or simply sending an email.

Explore our Open XDR Platform

Data Onboarding and Management Made Easy

Ensuring you have the data you need to identify threats is the first step in any successful security program. See how we make it easy.

Network detection and response tools

Working with Alerts & Incidents

Investigating alerts manually is no longer feasible. See how Stellar Cyber makes working with alerts & incidents faster than ever before.

Endpoint detection and response tools

Automated Threat Hunting and Response

The threats you dont see are the ones that can hurt you the most. See how Stellar Cyber automates threat hunting and response.

Bring Hidden Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your current security products, making it harder for
attackers to harm your business.

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