Stellar Cyber vs. QRadar

Move from a legacy, complicated SIEM to a Modern SecOps Platform and see the difference from day one

Super Charge Your Team

IBM QRadar, the one-time leading SIEM on the market, is saddled with over 20 years of technical debt, making it difficult to match up with today’s modern attacks. Move to the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform today and see how AI-Driven security can supercharge your security team.

Stellar Cyber beats IBM QRadar:

  • Single License: All features, functionality, future advancements, and enablement are included on a single, predictable, consumption-based license.
  • Self-Service Operation: Deploy the platform in minutes; create tenants, integrations, and users in seconds without involving the vendor.
  • Native NDR & Sensors: Unified capability under a single platform to increase visibility and detection coverage without increasing cost.
  • New Feature Development: All new integrations, detections, and workflows are included in the single license.
  • Intelligent Correlation: Automated investigation on top of all detections to bring new efficiency to analysts
  • World Class Partners: Customer enablement and Support to ensure customer security outcomes

Why IBM QRadar customers move to Stellar Cyber

“We improved our SIEM and NDR tools and got a far better platform for less than the cost of our old SIEM license alone.”
- CISO, Large Global Manufacturer
“I needed a partner who would treat us like a company they wanted to grow with not like just a number. I wanted people who would work hand-in-hand with us, were eager to please, and excited about what they’re doing, who were responsive. I found that with Stellar Cyber.”
- VP Security, Top 250 MSSP
Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform –
Intelligent Next-Gen Security Operations
Automated threat hunting


Covering entire attack surface across cloud, endpoint, network, applications and users – with consolidated tools under single data lake, single AI engine, single pane of glass and single license

User Behavior Analytics


Automated correlation of all data
to visualize multiple facets of an attack for highest accuracy, fastest response and decisive remediation

User Behavior Analytics


Retain investment
in the tools and telemetry you trust through tight, two-way integrations