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Stellar Cyber vs.
IBM QRadar

With the Palo Alto Networks acquisition of IBM QRadar Cloud SIEM business and the uncertain future of IBM QRadar on-premises SIEM users, now is the time to make the move to Stellar Cyber Open XDR.

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The Future is Uncertain for all IBMQRadar Customers.
Especially for IBM QRadar On-Premises Customers.

Given the recent acquisition of the IBM QRadar Cloud SIEM business by Palo Alto Networks, the future of all current IBM QRadar customers is uncertain. IBM QRadar Cloud SIEM customers will be compelled to transition to Cortex XSIAM, while the on-premises IBM-QRadar customers are left without a clear path forward. Regardless of your past experiences with IBM QRadar, the reality is that a transition to a new platform is inevitable, and the sooner you act, the better prepared you’ll be.

Don’t wait for outsiders who have no real stake in your team’s ability to deliver the security outcomes to decide your fate. Take back control of your security operations by moving to Stellar Cyber Open XDR today.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR is the only platform:

Stellar Cyber: Committed to your Success:

Stellar Cyber’s commitment to our customer’s success is more than just words. Our commitment is evident in our actions, such as:

Stellar Cyber beats IBM QRadar:

Why IBM QRadar customers move to Stellar Cyber

“We improved our SIEM and NDR tools and got a far better platform for less than the cost of our old SIEM license alone.”
– CISO, Large Global
“I needed a partner who would treat us like a company they wanted to grow with not like just a number. I wanted people who would work hand-in-hand with us, were eager to please, and excited about what they’re doing, who were responsive. I found that with Stellar Cyber.”
– VP Security, Top 250 MSSP

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform
for IBM QRadar Customers


With hundreds of integrations available out-of-the-box, you can use whichever EDR, firewalls, DLP, IAM, vulnerability management, or other security control you like. If the integration for your selected product is unavailable, we will deliver it for free. That is our commitment to our open approach to cybersecurity.

On-Premises, SaaS, or MSSP

Stellar Cyber is one of the few platforms on the market that supports both on-premises and SaaS deployments. You can deploy on-premises and transition to the cloud later or remain on premises indefinitely. You can also choose to co-manage with a certified Stellar Cyber MSSP. The choice is yours.

Data from

Stellar Cyber’s physical and virtual sensors allow you to collect data from anywhere across your diverse environment Our purpose-built sensors seamlessly integrate into your network architecture, making data collection painless.

How Stellar Cyber Can Help

Change brought on by mergers and acquisitions can be challenging, especially when it comes unexpectedly. Stellar Cyber and our security experts are here to answer your questions about upgrading to the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform, making the process as painless and smooth as possible. To help you make an informed decision, you can choose how you wish to begin the process with Stellar Cyber.
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