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Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

As one of the native capabilities of Stellar Cyber's intelligent security operations platform

Network detection and response (NDR) has a long history, evolving out of network security and network traffic analysis (NTA). The historical definition of network security is to use a perimeter firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to screen traffic coming into the network, but as IT technology and security technology have evolved due to modern attacks leveraging more complex approaches, the definition is much broader now.

As one of the native capabilities of Stellar Cyber's intelligent security operations platform

NDR detects suspicious events that other network security tools
are missing, improving MTTI over 8x

The Right Data With Accurate Cybersecurity Analysis

The Right Data With Accurate Cybersecurity Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) Components

EDR Software


Stellar Cyber offers a variety of physical and virtual sensors that package together Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Machine Learning Intrusion Detection System (ML-IDS) and a malware sandbox for zero-day malware analysis.

Network traffic analysis


NDR works smoothly with your existing NGFWs so you can leverage what you already have, while using the sensors to fill coverage gaps.

SOC platform

Data Lake

To correlate risk and threats across every aspect of your network, data has to be aggregated and stored in a central Data Lake. Stellar Cyber’s Data Lake scales with your network so that you can have full coverage.


Threat Intelligence

Stellar Cyber automatically normalizes data and enriches it with multiple built-in Threat Intelligence feeds at no additional cost. Works out of the box, yet allows you to customize with your own feeds if you want.


AI Engine

The scale of modern networks demands AI for automated detection and response. Stellar Cyber ships out-of-the-box with AI-powered detections and correlations for NDR and UEBA so you can get up and running as quickly to detect every type of threat.


Automated Response

Take action automatically, or manually with one-click, straight from the single console of the same Open XDR Platform. Block traffic, contain hosts, disable users and more.

What People Are Saying

"Users can enhance their favorite EDR tools with full integration into an XDR platform, obtaining greater visibility."

Jon Oltsik Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow

"Stellar Cyber reduced our analysis expenses and enabled us to kill threats far more quickly."

Central IT Department University of Zurich

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Gartner PeerInsights

Stellar Cyber delivers built-in Network Detection & Response (NDR), Next Gen SIEM and Automated Response

Rik Turner Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions