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Customer Testimonials

Enterprises and MSSPs from around the globe.

A-dec needed a cybersecurity operations platform that was unified, simplified, and automated to match the needs of their lean security team. “Immediately when we started forwarding our first logs to the Steller Cyber Open XDR dashboard, we were able to gain visibility in our network that we had never had before. We were able to tie together multiple tools that we were using, whether it be firewalls, vulnerability scanning tools, or authentication tools.” A-dec is a dental office furniture and equipment manufacturer based in Newberg, Oregon, United States. It is considered one of the largest dental equipment makers in the world.

Amanda Stowell

Information Security and Privacy
Analyst, A-dec

“We needed a cutting-edge solution for our team to better protect 5-hour energy very diverse portfolio of affiliates and divisions globally. Stellar Cyber’s multi-tenant security operations platform brings together advanced AI and machine learning to present our team with ‘real anomalies’ in an easy-to-understand and action format aligned to the cyber kill chain. In a very short time, the system has already shown effectiveness in removing normal non-threatening activities from those we should be focused on.”

Jon Mayled

Director of IT

network security
“Stellar Cyber’s unification of security tools on one platform at the University of Zurich helps us take an important step forward in the area of security monitoring in an efficient and resource-saving manner. Stellar was easily integrated into our environment without a lot of preliminary work and delivered usable results after only a few minutes. The quality of Stellar’s correlations as well as the processed data available to the analyst in the interflow protocol proved to be very helpful and valuable in identifying abnormal activities. In addition, the multi-tenant capability is very helpful, especially with our many faculties and institutes.”

Joe Morin

CEO, CyFlare
“The ability to monitor all our clients individually, with machine learning on their own data set, but also view and manage all clients and their alerts collectively, is a game changer for MSSPs”

University of Zurich

Central IT Department
“5iron selected Stellar Cyber to provide best-of-breed SIEM and Security Analytics solutions to our clients. The solution provides advanced analysis and response features needed to enable our Security Operations Center to provide the highest levels of protection to our clients. Stellar Cyber’s platform and price enable 5iron to offer both the solution and our Managed SIEM operations for less than the cost of one employee managing a traditional SIEM, said Jason Bradley, Executive Vice President at 5iron.”

Jeremy Hopwood

CEO of 5iron
“Stellar Cyber’s platform is a strategic part of us accomplishing inSOC’s mission to make enterprise-level cybersecurity tools and alignment with the NIST CyberSecurity Framework and the CIS20 available to Managed Service Providers and SMB IT professionals around the world. We believe that by combining tools like Stellar Cyber with inSOC’s ISO-certified management and response procedures, we can better arm the SMB IT community with the defenses they need to protect their companies from the global cybercriminal pandemic.”

Eric Rockwell