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File Integrity Monitoring

Ensure your critical files stay where they should be automatically.

The Case for File Integrity Monitoring

When an attacker succeeds in penetrating your environment, they are on the hunt for two things: 1) valuable company data they can sell or hold for ransom, and 2) files they can delete that track their activity. With millions of files in a typical environment, a security team cannot monitor these sensitive files manually.

Stellar Cyber File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), a critical component within the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform, enables a security team to identify sensitive files across their environment to monitor for changes. When one of these files changes, Stellar Cyber automatically generates an alert, enabling any security analyst to perform a quick investigation and take decisive response actions if required.

Stellar Cyber FIM Features

Improved Visibility

Maintain 24/7 visibility on your mots sensitive files across your environment

Faster Investigations

Quickly investigate identified changes to sensitive files to determine if an attacker is manipulating files as part of an attack.

Immediate Response

Take decisive response actions directly from Stellar Cyber via the hundreds of integrations to security products to mitigate active threats.

Incorporating FIM capabilities without adding resources makes Stellar Cyber even more valuable. ”

By SOC Manager, Utilities Company

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