Automated Threat

Root Out Threats at Machine Speed

Stellar Cyber’s Automated Threat Hunting supercharges analyst
workflows with pre-built playbooks and deep customization
options. Point-and-click search and filtering for simplicity.
Normalized and enriched data with context for the best
performance. Automated Response tie in to close the loop.

Key Features

SIEM platform

Pre-built Playbooks

Leverage over 40 pre-built Automated Threat Hunting (ATH)
playbooks spanning the entire attack surface – Windows login
failures, DNS analysis, Office365 and more. Deep security
expertise is not required to perform ATH, but can be used to
create new ATH playbooks to complement pre-built ones. ATH
continuously searches for behavior of interest so you don’t have
to worry about missing anything.
Extended detection and response

XDR Kill Chain Alignment

User-defined playbooks identify behaviors not covered in
out-of-the-box ones. These customized searches create alerts
that can be mapped to the XDR Kill Chain and/or MITRE
ATT&CK tactics and techniques to have a clean categorization
and visualization of all your alerts for your security team

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SIEM alternatives

Automated Response

Respond automatically or keep a human in the loop – your
choice. Full customization of actions is available when alerts or
criteria are triggered from containing a host to opening a
service ticket. Contextual Interflow provides information at your
fingertips. Resolve incidents in minutes, not days or weeks.

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Open XDR security services

Fast Search With Context

Contextual Interflow enriched with Threat Intelligence,
Geolocation, user name, host name, etc provide information at
your fingertips. Modern data lake for big data allows for storing
large volumes of data and performing searches in machine
speed. Alert triage and resolve incidents in minutes, not days or