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Automating Incident

Respond fast and efficiently to threats with Stellar Cyber.

Why Automating Incident Response is Challenging

Plenty of products are dedicated to finding threats; however, finding them does not mean their potential impact is mitigated. To keep the environment safe, incident responders need to act fast in a consistent, repeatable fashion, which is easier said than done.


Lack of Visibility

When under an active attack, its imperative responders see the full scope of the attack. If the security stack does not actively monitor specific areas of the environment, responses may only partially thwart an attack.



To respond to threats, incident responders need unfettered access to all the security products in their stack. Unfortunately, for many, this means logging in and out of many tools to complete one response action, which is not scalable.​


Lack of Expertise

Today, many incident response teams rely on a few key analysts with years of in-the-field experience to determine the appropriate response to any threat. If those individuals are out or leave the group, responses can quickly become slow and inconsistent.

How to Automate Incident Response

Effective automated incident response requires streamlined access to all security products and a platform capable of taking prescriptive response actions consistently and repeatedly.

Security Stack Integration

Automated incident response requires access to tools not reliant on incident responder actions. This requires a response platform that integrates with any tool deployed in the environment.

Playbook Library

Manual response actions typically follow a pattern designed by the responders running the response, memorized in a physical notebook. The security team should digitize and share those physical notes to scale automated responses

Ad-Hoc Automation

In certain situations, an incident response team must take quick actions to combat an active attacker. The response platform in use must enable these automated ad-hoc actions.

Trigger-Based Automation

Incident responders will typically respond to a given attack in the same way over and over again. To that end, when automating a response, it’s essential the response platform enables identifying triggers and associates them with a response playbook.

Security Analytics

Responding to individual alerts generated by a security stack cannot scale. Incident responders need a platform capable of correlating alerts to take response actions that close out multiple signals simultaneously. Security Analytics delivers this capability.

Threat Hunting Platform

When under active attack, it is typical for incident responders to perform ad-hoc queries to gather critical information about the attack. A comprehensive threat-hunting platform built for speed and scale enables incident responders to root out all aspects of a threat quickly.

How Stellar Cyber Can Help

Stellar Cyber delivers over 400 integrations out-of-the-box, including integrations to popular endpoint protection, next-gen firewalls, and more. The choice of products to use is up to you or your customer.

Stellar Cyber provides all the required components to automate response actions for any IT or OT environment.

Key Features

Ultra-Flexible Data Sources

Using pre-built integrations, incorporate data from any existing security control, IT, and productivity tool.

Normalize and Enrich Data

Automatically normalize and enrich data with context, enabling comprehensive, scalable data analysis.

Automated Threat Hunting

Create customized threat hunts that can be run ad-hoc or on a set schedule.

Advanced Threat Detection

Identify complex threats using AI threat models and curated threat detection rules.

AI-Driven Security Analytics

Combining seemingly disparate alerts into incidents provides security analysts with contextualized and prioritized threats to investigate.

Repeatable Incident Response

Take decisive response actions manually or enable Stellar Cyber to automate response fully.

Automate Incident Response with Stellar Cyber


Stop Chasing Alerts

Investigate incidents, not alerts See significant efficiency gains


Improve Security Outcomes

Find hidden threats early Eliminate constant firefighting


Save Time
and Money

Optimize security stack Improve team productivity

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