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Before and After Stellar Cyber

Security teams that adopt the Stellar Open XDR Platform see the difference from day one.

Before Stellar Cyber

Your security products worked in silos.

Security analysts must pick and choose which alerts
to investigate.

Security analysts manually add context to alerts.

Security analysts manually correlate alerts.

Analysts take one-off
response actions or use ad-hoc playbooks to respond.

Your security products all had different
commercial terms, and expirations.

Security analysts, once trained on a product,
are left on their own if questions arise.

With Stellar Cyber

Integrate all your security, IT, and productivity data into
Stellar Cyber with turnkey integrations.
Security analysts get prioritized security incidents automatically.
Context, including relevant threat intel,
added automatically.
Using AI/ML, alerts are correlated automatically.
Take response actions directly from the platform,
standardizing response across the security team.
The platform combines NG-SIEM, UEBA, IDS, TIP, NDR,
and SOAR under a single license.
Customer success is available at the drop of a hat
to help resolve any problems.

Bring Hidden Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your current security products, making it harder for
attackers to harm your business.