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Typical Use Cases

Meeting your use case needs is our number one priority.

A SecOp platform is only helpful if it meets your specific use case needs. Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform enables security teams meet a variety of use cases, from security stack consolidation to dealing with phishing attacks and everything in between.

Typical Use Cases Covered By Stellar Cyber


Many security teams now must secure their organization’s OT environments. With Stellar Cyber, you can secure IT and OT environments with the same platform.


The most ubiquitous attack faced by organizations, big and small. With Stellar Cyber, you have a new weapon to combat these nefarious attacks.

Compromised Credentials

When credentials are compromised, attackers can easily penetrate an environment. Stellar Cyber helps you find and stop them in their tracks.

Insider Threats

When trusted users go rogue, they cause substantial damage before being detected. Stellar Cyber makes finding the bad actors in your organization possible.

Malware Detection

Even with advanced endpoint protection, you additional security capabilities to detect and eliminate malware. Stellar Cyber gives you that ability.

Phishing Attacks

Attackers love when users to do their dirty work by opening suspicious emails. With Stellar Cyber, you can mitigate the impacts of a phishing attack fast.


Penetrating your environment is objective #1 for attackers. Once inside, however, attackers will roam across your environment before attacking. With Stellar Cyber, you can stop them.

Security Stack Consolidation

With organizations using dozens of security products, it is easy to see how critical threats can go unnoticed. With Stellar Cyber, you can consolidate to improve their effectiveness.

Automating Incident Response

While Identifying attacks is job one for security teams, reliable automation enables fast threat eradication. Stellar Cyber delivers that capability.

Securing Multi-Cloud

Most organizations allow the use of multiple public and private clouds to meet the needs of their users and customers. While this flexibility allows the business to adapt to changing requirements quickly, ensuring the security of these environments with a single security stack takes work

Bring Hidden Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your current security products, making it harder for
attackers to harm your business.

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