Our History

Founded on a Mission to Transform

Security Operations

Stellar Cyber was founded in 2015 by Aimei Wei
(Senior VP of Engineering) on a mission to
transform security operations.

Network traffic analysis
Next Gen SIEM

Change the Conversation from
Analyzing Data to Correlating Incidents

Aimei knew from working at companies like
Cisco and Nortel, there was a cybersecurity data
overload problem. In every medium-to-large
company’s or MSSP’s IT department: analysts
have too many consoles to monitor, too many
alerts to respond to, and too much manual data
correlation to spot complex attacks. This
situation left companies with an unenviable
choice – spend a fortune on “good enough”
security or risk costly attacks.

Cover the Entire Attack Surface

She wanted to democratize cybersecurity
to eliminate that dilemma by bringing AI
and machine learning to bear on the problem.
She first invented a family of cybersecurity
suited for a variety of customer
environments. Unlike most other cybersecurity
, these sensors index security metadata at
ingestion, ensuring from the beginning that there
is a means to normalize and enrich any data
source to simplify making correlations..

Open XDR
SIEM application

Bring the right intelligence

This allows our platform’s AI engine to quickly
spot anomalies across the kill chain. Stellar
Cyber’s sensors deliver visibility across cloud,
SaaS, applications, users, endpoints and network,
and integration with all popular security tools
ensures that no part of the security landscape is
ignored. Stellar Cyber’s patented XDR Kill Chain™
loop and Incident Management dramatically
reduce risk while dramatically reducing costs.

Retain investments

Finally, the solution couldn’t force companies to
abandon their existing investments in security
. Aimei used a modular, cloud native
microservices-based architecture that integrates
with all popular security tools so the platform
can ingest their data as well as its own to ensure
complete visibility with investment protection.

SIEM security

Leading Open XDR Platform

Today, Stellar Cyber is the leading Open XDR (Everything
Detection and Response) platform for enterprises and MSSPs.
We continue our relentless drive to enhance the platform
through ongoing research and development.