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Customer Success

Our team that proactively works with you to ensure Stellar Cyber is delivering the results you expect


Customer Success Platform

Stellar Cyber has partnered with Gainsight, the leading Customer Success Platform, and the inventors of the Customer Success movement.

Stellar Cyber uses Gainsight to ensure we never lose touch with your needs and priorities.

Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager is there to ensure your needs are met, and your use of the product is maintained as you grow.

Customer Portal


Got a question, need to know about new features, have a support request? Our portal ensures customers get answers and resolutions.


Want self help? When we do get questions, we believe others may have the same question. We document the questions and answers in our ever growing FAQ. Available in the support portal.
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Gartner PeerInsights

Stellar Cyber delivers built-in Network Detection & Response (NDR), Next Gen SIEM and Automated Response

Rik Turner Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

Stellar Cyber reduced our analysis expenses and enabled us to kill threats far more quickly.

Central IT Department University of Zurich

Users can enhance their favorite EDR tools with full integration into an XDR platform, obtaining greater visibility.

Jon Oltsik Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow

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Bring Hidden Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your current security products, making it harder for attackers to harm your business.
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