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Stellar Cyber Sensors

Find and eliminate threats wherever they exist
Stellar Cyber Sensors deliver the visibility where you need it the most; the hard-to-reach areas of your IT and OT environments. With Sensors, you can automatically capture data from networks and assets and incorporate it into the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform for immediate analysis.

Native Sensors for 360˚ Visibility

The inability to capture data from hard-to-reach areas of the network with other security products leaves security teams with blind spots that attackers can and will exploit.
However, With Stellar Cyber Sensors, security teams can rest assured that critical data from across their entire environment will be automatically collected and analyzed. With simple, flexible deployment, security teams reduce their costs and improve efficiency. Stellar Cyber sensors are available to all users of Stellar Cyber as part of the platform licenses so deploy as many as required at no additional cost.