Monitor What Matters Wost Under the Same License

Sensors are used to create visibility where it does not yet exist, or to simplify and
consolidate telemetry collection with Stellar Cyber. Capture data from network, assets
and containers. All under the same license. Administered from the same platform.
Native Sensors for 360˚ Visibility
The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform is designed with an open architecture to integrate with all common IT and
security tools
. However, sometimes the tools at an enterprise don’t cover the entire attack surface. Stellar Cyber
offers native sensor capability under the same license to create visibility where you need it the most. Simple, flexible
deployment reduces costs and improves efficiency. Deploy as many sensors as you need.
Automated SOC

Network Sensors

Collect metadata from physical or virtual switches and
aggregate logs. The Network Sensor performs Deep Packet
Inspection (DPI) at line-rate speeds to decode payloads and
create useful metadata. Additionally, the Network Sensor can
function as a log forwarder to simplify integrations.

Deployed as Software or via Dedicated Hardware >>

cloud detection and response

Security Sensors

Collect metadata from physical or virtual switches, aggregate
logs as well as detect intrusions and malware. The Security
Sensor has all the functionality of the Network Sensor, as well
as the ability to run signatures and extract files out of packet
flows to inspect suspicious files.

Deployed as Software or via Dedicated Hardware >>

EDR Software

Server Sensors

Collect data running on Linux and Windows servers including
traffic, commands, processes, file and application information.
Sensors operate on Windows 98 and up, Ubuntu, CoreOS,
Debian and Red Hat.
Open XDR security services

Container Sensors

Collect data from, and operate inside Docker environments.