Next Gen SIEM

Fulfill Empty Promises of Legacy SIEMs

Stellar Cyber’s platform contains Next Gen SIEM out-of-the-box as a
native capability. Multiple tools consolidated into a single
platform – NDR, UEBA, Sandbox, TIP and more – significantly
simplify operations and reduce capital costs. Automation helps
outpace threats. The NG SIEM design empowers teams
against modern attacks.

A Next Gen SIEM That Delivers

AI Built In

AI that works out-of-the-box with
hundreds of AI-powered detections that
auto-correlates related alerts into
incidents. Detect, investigate and
respond to threats in minutes, not days.

Become the Hunter

Accelerate investigations and threat
hunting through contextual and
actionable data. Translate the process
into automated playbooks. Threat
hunting has never been easier, or more

Get the Right Data,

Bring all of your data sources into one
platform. Log parsers, API connectors,
network sensors, etc., many ways for
easy ingestion of any third-party data.
Open architecture allows you to develop
on top of the platform.

Cloud Scale

Scalable big data infrastructure with
microservice architecture means you
don’t have to worry about volume.

Multiple Native

Stellar Cyber brings Next Gen SIEM into a
single platform with NDR, UEBA, TIP,
Automated Response and more.
Supercharge your security operations
with a unified platform.

Flexible Anywhere

The platform goes wherever it is needed
– on premise, cloud or hybrid. Setup
granular access controls and tenant
structures to meet the needs of your

Key Features

Scalable Architecture

Ingesting, normalizing, enriching and fusing large volumes of
data from every T and security tool, then running an AI engine
demands a scalable architecture. Stellar Cyber handles
whatever data volume and user scale required for the mission.
Stellar Cyber is based on a microservice-based cloud native
architecture that scales horizontally with demand. Resource
sharing, system monitoring and scaling is all included so you
can focus on security.

Multi-Tier, Multi-Tenant,

Stellar Cyber goes wherever you need it to go – on-premise, in
the cloud or hybrid. Multi-tenancy is built in from the beginning
to ensure flexible, secure operations for any organization.
Multi-site allows data to stay resident in its own region to be
compliant and scalable in complex operating environments.

Beyond Manual Rules With AI

Stellar Cyber brings together the best of human-driven and
machine-driven security analysis. Security analysts can define
their own rules and playbooks to hunt out certain behavior, and
develop response actions based on alerts. They can also
leverage out-of-the-box playbooks to increase productivity.
Human-driven analysis however, is not enough to stay ahead
of today’s threats. Stellar Cyber’s AI Engine automatically
detects unknown threats and abnormal behavior without any
rules or signatures. Supervised and unsupervised machine
learning techniques are leveraged to detect threats across the
entire kill chain, and then automatically correlate those alerts
together for full attack representation with GraphML.

More Than Just Logs,
It’s About Context

Security isn’t about just storing logs, it’s ultimately about
representing the entire attack surface through contextual data.
Just like legacy SIEMs, Stellar Cyber can ingest logs from all
sources with a powerful parser framework. However, unlike
legacy SIEMs, Stellar Cyber has deep integrations with other IT
and security
data sources like network, endpoints and SaaS
applications, etc. All of these sources together represent the
entire attack surface with data normalized to the same format
and enriched with context. This ultimately allows security
analysts to understand data easily and act quickly.