Stellar Cyber vs. Splunk

Stop building your own solution with Splunk and move to the AI-Driven Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform

Super Charge Your Team

The flexibility Splunk delivers is nice, but is it the easiest way to keep your environments secure? Move to the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform today and see how AI-Driven security can make delivering continuous security outcomes easier than ever before.

Stellar Cyber beats Splunk by:

  • Single License – A single, predictable, consumption-based license includes all features, functions, future advancements, and enablement.
  • Rapid Time To Value – Create tenants, integrations, and users in seconds with detections and correlations that work out of the box.
  • Ease Of Use – Simplified and unified user experience (UX) for enabling teams to do more with less.
  • Native NDR & Sensors – Network Detection and Response and remote data collection and analysis included to increase visibility and detection coverage without increasing cost.
  • Intelligent Correlation – Automated investigation to increase analysts’ efficiency.
  • World Class Partners – Customer Enablement and Support to ensure trusted security outcomes.

Why Splunk customers move to Stellar Cyber

“We needed a new way to think regarding how our system would collect the right information at the right time, distill it into a manageable form, and separate the alerts from the real incidents.”
- CISO, Large Financial Firm
“Before Stellar Cyber, our SIEM platform was slow and sluggish, costing us valuable analyst time. However, after adopting Stellar Cyber, we are seeing significant gains in productivity and team morale.”
– Global MSSP
Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform –
Intelligent Next-Gen Security Operations
Automated threat hunting


Covering entire attack surface across cloud, endpoint, network, applications and users – with consolidated tools under single data lake, single AI engine, single pane of glass and single license

User Behavior Analytics


Automated correlation of all data
to visualize multiple facets of an attack for highest accuracy, fastest response and decisive remediation

User Behavior Analytics


Retain investment
in the tools and telemetry you trust through tight, two-way integrations