Stellar Cyber Open XDR For MSSPs

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform combines the critical security capabilities and automation MSSPs need to deliver unique services without adding staff to their security operations teams

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The competition between MSSPs is only going to get tougher. With Stellar Cyber as the center of your security offerings, you can maintain the competitive advantage you need to grow your business.

Common MSSP Use Cases

SIEM tools

Increase Revenue &

Compete more effectively by offering a comprehensive suite of security analysis services powered by Open XDR.
User Behavior Analytics


Manage IT security services for thousands of end customers on a single license platform, designed with multi-tenancy built-in.
SOC platform


Manage all of your MDR customers from a single UI, built on a multi-layer multi-tenant Open XDR Platform.
Network detection and response

Bring Their Own EDR

Stellar Cyber integrates with every major EDR to give your customers the flexibility they want.

MSSP Specific Features

Intelligent Multi-Tenancy

Ensure no commingling of customer data while enabling security analysts to service multiple customers easily with the Stellar Cyber approach to smart multi-tenancy.

Ultra-Flexible Data Sourcing

Incorporate data from any existing security control, IT, and productivity tool into Stellar Cyber using pre-built integrations.

Sensor-Driven Data Collection

Use the proprietary Stellar Cyber sensors to collect raw network and log data from customers to identify additional threats not seen by their existing security stack.

Easy Customization

MSSPs can create dashboard, reports, automatic threat hunting rules, etc. to provide differentiated services to their customers.

Machine Learning Correlation

Using graph machine learning techniques, alerts are combined into prioritized incidents ready for investigation.

One Platform. One License

Eliminate commercial complexity with our one platform, one license approach.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Next Gen SIEM

Increase Revenue Potential

Deliver all the security services your customers need affordably and efficiently, increasing your business and revenue potential.

Open XDR

Flexibility Means More Business

Eliminate artificial barriers to customer adoption and increase your addressable market with the Stellar Cyber open approach to XDR.

SIEM application

Drive Unseen SOC Productivity

Drive increased efficiency across your security operations team, enabling customer growth without adding staff.

Bring Hidden
Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your
current security products, making it harder for
attackers to harm your business.

Firewall Traffic Analysis